My Appliances Hate Me

“They don’t make things like they used to.” Now, congratulate me for officially sounding old. Don’t worry it won’t hurt my feelings because my kids have been roasting me for a week about “channeling their grandpa.”

I can’t help it. I don’t care if I sound like an octogenarian because I’m ticked off. The focus of my wrath is my appliances. It’s been a summer of kitchen failures from the dishwasher to the refrigerator and spoiler alert – these appliances aren’t old and they aren’t some shady off brand. None of them have even celebrated their fifth birthday. This is why I’m flabbergasted that they would be breaking down.

Quick back-story – My parents owned a Kenmore washer and dryer in a not so very fetching shade of harvest gold. They purchased this duo when I was in kindergarten and both the washer dryer outlived my parents! Who makes appliances that last almost 50 years? I’m guessing the quick answer is no one.

Meanwhile, I have appliances that are basically still in their infancy going on life support. When I aggressively complained about this to my son he told me that it’s called “planned obsolescence” and I should get used to it.

Of course I know about the concept of planned obsolescence. (#iPhones) But seriously one would hope that appliances would last more than five years if only to keep the landfills free from French door refrigerators in fingerprint resistant stainless steel.

Last month, when our dishwasher started making a sound that made me think evil spirits possessed the Cascade pods I was using and were performing an exorcism on the rinse aid dispenser I immediately summoned by husband for help. When his diagnosis was to call a repair person I wasn’t having it. I went online to try to determine the problem and after two hours of my head in the dishwasher I gave up and, you guessed it, called for professional help.

The next week when the refrigerator started leaking water I entered the deluxe ticked off zone. My husband, apparently more comfortable with a drippy frig than a demonic dishwasher was confident he could fix it. This meant he went straight to YouTube for refrigerator tutorials. Lo and behold every tutorial said almost the same thing – Yes, you can temporarily fix the leak, but it’s going keep to coming back.

The assorted YouTube frig techs were unanimous that the refrigerator had an inherent design flaw and was doomed. This was a line in the sand for me. I wasn’t going to get a new refrigerator. I was going to subvert the leak. This means that once a week I have to do frig first aid.

The leak collects in the lower part of the refrigerator and for some reason freezes and then it melts which results in a leaky frig. My ER duties included soaking up the water with a beach towel and then getting a knife and chopping up the ice that has collected.

My husband believes I’m being a stubborn fool. But, I think I’m taking a stand. I will no longer be at the mercy of the planned obsolescence overlords. Plus, have you priced new refrigerators lately? Cha-ching. I will use a Coleman camping cooler before I pay four figures for a refrigerator.

This is why you will find me every week armed with towels, a butter knife and brute force going to battle with planned obsolescence. It’s a fight I plan to win. Some may call me crazy but I prefer the word warrior.

9 thoughts on “My Appliances Hate Me

  1. Jolene says:

    Wow! We have a refrigerator AND a upright freezer that BOTH do this!! Told my husband about you also having this issue and he said we all need to sue someone! It IS a real pain in the butt to mop and chip ice out! FYI, use a cookie sheet to catch most of the ice when retrieving from your fridge. Good luck!

  2. Fiona says:

    Had an Amana frjdge. Lasted ages but couldn’t get a small replacement part for it
    when it broke down.probably would have lasted years more if I could’ve found the$50 part

  3. Janet says:

    Same with my parents. Had a Maytag washing machine/dryer set that lasted my entire childhood. They finally got a new set in 1993–still going strong. But me–I get the expensive set, learned to add the 5 year warranty and sure enough, I’m using the warranty in 3 years and the set is kaput in 5! I’ve had no less than 6 sets in our 34 year marriage. An appliance guy told us the same thing about how they are now built to fail in 5 years or so. I’m stubbornly holding onto the current set, but the weird noise during the spin cycle and the rust that drips on to the clothes is finally convincing me it’s time. This set lasted 6 years.

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      It is so maddening! All this talk about reduce, reuse, recycle and huge, hulking appliances can’t make it past five years. It’s horrible for the environment. I just see landfills full of stainless steel refrigerators.

  4. Lisa k Waller says:

    Bought a house in 2003 that came with a Hotpoint fridge from the 80’s or early 90’s. It’s still going strong. Neither the fridge nor the freezer part has a light. Too old for parts. This I can live with.
    Washer/dryer 20 years old. Recently had a repair on the washer, but that’s it.
    Will keep all until they croak.
    Will seriously consider used appliances.

  5. Lisa says:

    I had an ongoing war with my old refrigerator for quite some time because I couldn’t afford a new one. I learned that putting a puppy pad face down in the bottom of the leaking freezer allowed me to remove the problem once a week without using a hairdryer and a chain saw. I have a 25+-year-old Kenmore washer that is still working. Sure there’s a little rust here and there lol, but I do not want a new “disposable” one.

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