Dear Snarky – WTH on a College Reveal Party?

Dear Snarky,

What is wrong with people? I say this while staring at an invitation to a college reveal party. I didn’t even know what the hell that was until I goggled it and found out that you can’t just have a high school grad party now it’s a college reveal party. This party is at the end of May so what is there to reveal? Shouldn’t everybody have shared where they’re going to college by then?

The thing that’s really pissing me off is that “guests are encouraged to bring cash gifts instead of college themed presents.” Also, there’s going to be games for guessing the college and a balloon drop for the reveal.

What has happened that everything has to be a reveal? Am I wrong to be a little bit disgusted by this?

Signed, Yuck

Dear Yuck,

As for answering your first question what’ s wrong with people – well that’s a pretty long list that I don’t have time to formulate right now. So onward to dissecting the college reveal party. All I have to say is blame Pinterest and its spawn the gender reveal party.

Somewhere, someone was taking part in a gender reveal party and thought, “Hey, let’s turn the perfectly nice tradition of a high school grad party and make it stupid by doing college reveals.” Because, sorry, that’s what I think a college reveal party is – dumb.

Does anyone really need to reveal where they’re going to college? Haven’t you already told your family, friends, classmates, teachers, school counselors and updated your Instagram bio? Isn’t it already printed in the high school graduation program?

That said I’m not the party police and if someone wants to go Pinterest crazy and throw a college reveal – go for it. I just hope this is a fad and not something that becomes part of the fabric of graduating from high school.

Now, as for the request for cash – that’s a no-no. Maybe you can have a cash reveal and have the grad guess how much money you’re gifting? If he or she doesn’t guess the right amount they don’t get the gift. I’m thinking that’s one reveal that won’t be catching on anytime soon.

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