I’m Going to Insta So Hard

Brace yourself because I’m attempting to become “Insta Famous.” This, for those of you truly blessed and more enlightened individuals who steer clear of social media, is when a non celebrity with a zero fan base proceeds to launch and build a career as a social media influencer.

The reason I’m doing this two-fold. One, I read an article about how advertisers are targeting the 50 plus female market with a vengeance. Once, largely ignored by advertisers because it’s the not in the sweet spot demo of 18 to 44, the 50 and over female buyer has proven to still be the deciding factor in most family purchases.  Plus, there’s a gold mine of products to market to this group from anti-aging “lifestyles” to health care. And this demographic loves social media. Basically, it’s ripe for influencers who no longer drive a mini van but still love a good hydrating lip balm.

The second reason is because being a social media influencer if you’re a woman usually means starting some sort of lifestyle blog and they are truly hysterical. My university’s alumni association recently highlighted some of these lifestyle bloggers and voracious Instagrammers and I went down that rabbit hole for hours.

Granted most of these women are young and their posts feature a plethora of pictures of their very attractive selfs in various outfits of the day with a lengthy description of their fashion choices and instructions on where you can “shop what they are wearing.”

There’s also usually some travel spread highlighting a pictorial of vacay outfits and the fashion is rounded out with fitness, decorating and/or cooking photos all with links to take you to the shopping sites where the blogger/Instagrammer gets a kickback.

Don’t make the mistake thinking I am making fun of these women.  I’m not. A lot of these “grammers” are making a significant chunk of change and to that I say, “Move over and let me in.”

There are though some significant hurdles in front of me. First, I don’t have an Instagram account. But, I did what any 50 plus woman would do. I had one of my children hook me up. Then there’s the issue of posting pictures of myself in outfits anybody would want to buy. That’s a real problem for multiple reasons starting with the fact that I hate having my picture taken. Add in that just the thought of looking good everyday in cute, new, clothing ensembles triggers my IBS.

Plus, I feel a certain moral obligation to keep it real. It’s one thing for an attractive 27-year-old woman to try to delude people who her life is perfect through the magic of Instagram filters but at my age it would be laughable. Plus, perfect is overrated. So, I’ve decided to enter the Instagram game with unvarnished reality.

So, behold the picture in front of you. This is my first lifestyle fashion post. I’m #nofilter because who wears make up when they’re about to work out? And the deeper issue is would you trust someone who wore makeup to work out? That pullover hoodie I’m styling, that makes me look like I just ate my living room love sofa, is some free swag my husband brought home from a meeting. As for those leggings well, I don’t think I have to tell you those came straight off a clearance rack because they’re about as flattering as that hoodie.

Do I care that look awful? No. What bothers is that I don’t have any shopping links to post to so I can make some sweet Insta coin. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out because Insta famous here I come. 😉

Look for me on Instagram @snarky.in.the.suburbs and since I just started my account please share in the comment section any good/fun Insta accounts I should be following. Thanks!