Dear Snarky – A Greedy Grad Has Me Steaming!

Dear Snarky.

 I’m in the middle of a very awkward neighborhood situation. Recently, my family was invited to a high school grad party for our neighbor’s daughter. On the invite it said, “in lieu of a gift please bring $50 for Emily’s dorm fund.”

 First, what is a dorm fund? I’ve never heard of that. Secondly, who spends that much on a graduation gift for an 18-year-old? Third, who requires a cash donation to get into the party?

 Because that’s what happened my family showed up at the party with not $50 in cash, but a $15 Target gift card and we were TURNED AWAY and by that I mean the grad asked us to leave because we didn’t bring the “right present.”

 I want to know how to handle this situation. Do I go have it out with my neighbor and demand an apology?

 Signed, Greedy Neighbors

Dear Greedy,

You are going to do absolutely nothing. Think about what can you really do? Your neighbors are crude idiots. If you believe you’re going to go over and talk this out and get an apology you’re sadly mistaken. They will never admit that they were acting grotesquely greedy and that their actions were at the best mean-spirited and at the worst disgusting.

If I were you I would wear being asked to leave the party like a badge of honor. You were like Superman fighting for truth, justice and good manners.  No one hosting a party should ever demand cash at the door and have guests bounced unless they’re running a nightclub.

So girlfriend just own it and be proud. Also, go treat yourself to something nice with that Target gift card.

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15 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – A Greedy Grad Has Me Steaming!

  1. Ashlea Christopher says:

    A former student of mine had a go fund me last year to help raise money so she could live in a dorm instead of at home. This year she has a go fund me to pay for her tuition. It is out of control! I am glad she gets to go to her “dream school,” but she chose the private university and it is not my job to pay for it! I am utterly shocked and I think our beloved Snarky has the right idea!

  2. texashomeschooler says:

    So my oldest daughter is a junior and many of her good friends are graduating seniors. I do think cash gifts for grads is very appropriate. Demanding it as entrance to a party is super rude. I’m currently trying to decide how much cash I’m going to put in each card. There are five girls and two go to our church. I’m thinking somewhere between &10 and $25, but certainly not $50!!!!

  3. irreverendt says:

    Is it too late to set up a go fund me page for the Tom Petty concert at the Sprint Center. Best advise ever Snark!

  4. Busymama says:

    My eldest just had her high school graduation and was very blessed and grateful for each and every gift. In fact, some guests were so generous that she wanted to give the money back! But, she appreciated the gift cards to Subway and Starbucks just as much as the $50 cash gifts. I was so proud and knew then we were not sucking at parenting! This story is appalling and frightful!

  5. Cheap Auntie says:

    Unfortunately that doesn’t surprise me. Things have gotten way out of hand. Recently, a relative graduated from college and most of the family received their invitation to the ceremony the day of or the day after the event. When I asked her grandmother about it, she said they didn’t want a lot of people there. That’s fine, but why send the invitation? Because she’s going to grad school and needs money to help with her expenses. Isn’t that what parents or a JOB are for?

  6. Linda Ramos says:

    I was so shocked I said something I’ve been trying not to say aloud. My grandson just got in from his first year at Vernon College in Texas and when I think how hard he’s worked and saved something like this just blows my mind. He even has several little part time things he does to help his Dad out with the dining fee. He won a full ride other than that by his grades. You need to write those a**hats off and I wouldn’t even acknowledge they were in the world. Junior is in for a big surprise when he goes out in the world and things aren’t handed to him on demand!

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