Do I Suck At Being A Mother? ( Deep Thoughts At the Grocery Store)

I think I may be a bad mother. No, correction I think I may be considered a bad mother if you apply 21st century suburban perimeters to my parenting skills. Okay, I’m going to change that again because this admitting you’re a bad mother thing is hard. I’m a bad mother, but only in regards to the teenage years.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I came to this watershed event of questioning my parenting greatness. It happened at the grocery store. Yeah, the flipping grocery store. There I was trying to decide if I wanted to buy the classic Cheez It or the new Cheez It Bacon and Cheese duo, which is quite the taste sensation, but you feel a tad greasy and a smidge shameful after eating them. So, as I was reaching for the Bacon and Cheese Cheez It (Of course, I decided the greasy shame would be worth it.) two mothers that I know strolled into the same aisle. As moms do we started talking about our kids and that’s when it hit me.

I stink at motherhood.

These moms, who both did not have carts with any processed snack foods, began rhapsodizing about all the things they were planning on doing to ensure their teens last summer before they graduate high school would be “magical.” Instead of nodding my head and just rolling with the conversation I had to open my mouth and blurt out, “My definition of a magical teen summer is making sure my kids get  jobs that run June through August.”

This was not the right thing to say. I got “THE LOOK” x 2. Any mom knows what the look is. It’s a judgmental side eye delivered by another mother that’s accompanied with the slow burn of sanctimony.

At first I was confused. What did I say that was wrong? Summer jobs and teenagers go together like bacon and cheese infused into a cracker. It’s a good thing – right? Well apparently not because according to these moms by making my children work I was “robbing them of memories.”

Oh how I wished they hadn’t gone there. I’m not a memory mom. A long time ago I took a pledge to not base my parenting and every moment of my life ensuring my kids would be living in their own personal fairy tale thus ensuing a childhood resplendent with momentous memories. Sorry, but I have/had no interest in raising a prince or princess. Primarily because for that happen you have to be their servant. I took a firm pass on that job.

For a brief moment I thought about defending myself and then just accepted that in these moms eyes I was a bad parent. It hurt a little. No mother wants anyone to think she’s failing at raising her children. I, adroitly as I could, made an excuse to leave that conversation and hauled over to the frozen food section.

As I stared at the Eggo chocolate chip waffles I had a moment of deep reflection. Had I made a mistake by years ago not embracing the “memory mom” movement? Would my kids look back on their childhood and shudder because I never packed their lunch boxes with food origamied and styled to look like Cinderella’s castle? Seriously, I was Smuckers Uncrustable mom. Good Lord, the horrors of eating a sandwich that wasn’t sculpted into Thomas the Tank Engine.

I got so upset I had to lean my head against the cold glass doors of the freezer section for relief. Then one of the memory moms walked by and she was on her phone. It sounded like she was having a fight with one of her kids. I stood up, held my head high, and thought that’s the problem with parenting in Fantasy Land, no matter what, reality always finds a way to creep in.

9 thoughts on “Do I Suck At Being A Mother? ( Deep Thoughts At the Grocery Store)

  1. Tommie says:

    Bulls-eye! You can’t create a universe where nothing but wonderful moments happen for your kids and then expect them to eventually, as adults, function in the real world. I’ve worked with some of these “adults” and they are a hot mess.

  2. swimmermama says:

    I agree with you completely! My kids always work during the summer. If they weren’t involved in sports, they would work during the school year also. I was shocked when my son, who is a senior in high school, told me that many of his friends don’t work because they don’t need the money. WTF? These parents are doing a serious disservice to their children. It’s not just about the money, but they learn to appreciate the work that goes into earning a paycheck. I notice how much thriftier my kids are when spending their own money that they earned at their job.

  3. irreverendt says:

    It’s a guilt trip none of need endure. Even as a grandparent the temptation to indulge kids is too strong. We make our own memories and the shape of my sandwich hasn’t come up lately.

  4. JanetB says:

    This reminded me of the 3 drawers full of scrapbooking junk I bought back in 2001. I was going to “make memories and record them all”. Pthhhhh. There it still sits, the kids are all teenagers and I’m thinking the scrapbook stuff is going to the donation pile some day. All three of the girls are going to have jobs again this summer. Actually, my first one graduated last year and is working full time now. So we didn’t do the awesome memory thing, but I’m trying to have them live in a realistic world! Also, we actually all like each other. They know that life isn’t a bed of roses and we have to make memories doing the day to day, sometimes boring stuff.

  5. Carla says:

    Some of my best memories are from jobs I held in high school. I made friends there from other schools I never would have met otherwise and still connect to them now 25 years later. Those moms are robbing their kids of memories and relationships without even realizing it.

  6. Be A Good Mom 4 A Year says:

    Yeah, I have realized that I’m definitely what would be labeled a ‘bad mom.’ My kid and junk food are best friends and I stare at those moms who try to limit ‘screen time’ to like an hour a week like they are from Pluto because… how do they get anything done??? I’m trying to get through life here and know and hang out with my kid as well as I can and him to turn out okay, ya know? Plus, I ate like crap when I was a kid and now I love broccoli and spinach. So there. 😉

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