Mind Blown (okay maybe not blown let’s call it more of a mind gust)

mindblownDo you ever have one of those days where you’re just killing it? I’m talking getting everything on your “To Do” list done and then some? That was me last week. I was a multi-tasking tornado.

Check this out – while my car was having it’s oil changed I walked over to Target to get some shopping done and then – bam – got my first ever flu shot.

Did I have plans to get a flu shot? No, but when I saw a sign advertising a $5 gift card with your flu shot I said why not and I also needed it for some vaccination cred. I have some younger friends who are passionate about not vaccinating their children. And every time I share that this mama is all abroad the full vaccination express I get the question about flu shots. As in, “How can you say that when I know you don’t get a flu vaccine?”

So, here I am at Target getting a flu shot so I can primarily shut down the anti-vaxxers, get a gift card and coming in much lower in priority protect my health when the pharmacist during the injection chit-chat asks me, “Did you know QuikTrip is putting in drive thrus at some of their stores?”

(Quick note for those of you not blessed with a QuickTrip it’s the holy grail of gas plus convenience store and has a unparelled Diet Coke mix.)

Sweet baby Jesus, I felt faint and it wasn’t from having a needle phobia. The sheer magnitude and life changing potential of QuikTrips having drive thrus left me so swoony the pharmacist asked me if I was having a reaction to the shot.

I told him I was most certainly having a reaction and wasn’t to the shot. It was to the QuikTrip news. And yes, I would need a minute to recover. It was just all too much to process – good and bad.

First, the good news. I wouldn’t have to get of my car. This would be beyond excellent because it never fails whenever I’m having a great hair day as in my hair is not only lush with full volume it also smells intoxicating. So intoxicating I’ve been known to let strangers rub their face in it. Okay, maybe not rub their face (that much), but for sure sniff a couple of stands for longer than perhaps is socially acceptable.

This awesome hair day is 9 out of 10 times ruined when I have to venture inside a QuikTrip for my Diet Coke with crushed ice and a smidgen of Rooster Booster. As soon as I breach the threshold of the store my follicles become swathed in the scents of QuikTrip which in no particular order are: B.O, smoke and a mystery smell that I think is a combo platter of fuel, fast food, and foot funk.

Imagine the quality of life upsurge if I could enjoy the greatness of a QuikTrip without leaving the first class caliber air control chamber that is my car? Yeah, I know it’s a lot to take in.

Now for the bad news. Can you even begin to imagine the parking lot nightmare this would create? There’s already so many problems right now. You have the landscape and contractor trucks playing chicken with the folks in cars. You’ve got people, totally lacking in any home training, parking like they’re vision impaired or worse just chilling out by a gas pump while they chow down on their breakfast burrito. Never mind that hordes of drivers are circumnavigating the globe trying to find a vacant pump.

To up the “we’re all going to die” factor add in a drive-thru line snaking it’s way through a parking lot or worse a drive thru with two lanes that requires people to merge to one. Trust me there is no better arbiter of brain function than if you’re befuddled by a lane merge. I have extensive research that proves a majority of humans don’t have the I.Q. to pull off the two to one driving maneuver.

Lord, I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. The ecstasy of the drive thru vs. the agony of the parking lot. Seriously, I’m having heart palpitations leaving me no choice but to go my happy place – smelling my hair.