Dear Snarky – Disney Dumb Asses


Dear Snarky,

 I’m in the middle of a family feud and it’s all because of a Disney World vacation.  Recently, we had a family reunion at Disney and it turned into a nightmare. My cousins thought that they were above the rules and did everything they could to get to the front of every line. They line jumped, they snuck into the Fast Pass lines, they would pretend they were doing single rider and then merge into the front of the regular line. It was horrible!

 Because my husband and I wouldn’t permit ourselves or our children to be that rude and break every rule at Disney World the cousins turned against us and accused us of ruining the reunion claiming we were responsible for the family not doing everything together. By day three of the trip we had relatives not speaking to us!

 Was I wrong? I’m not some goodie two shoes, but I just didn’t feel comfortable being that big of jerk even for family togetherness.

 Signed, Sad Mickey

Dear Sad,

 I only wish you had written me during your vacation so I could have suggested that you alert Disney security to your cousins behavior and have them ejected from the park. You did nothing wrong, I repeat, nothing. The kind of behavior you describe ruins Disney for everyone and I think you’re very lucky an altercation didn’t break out because of the line jumping.

 You need to stand your ground and not give an inch. As a parent you did exactly the right thing by role modeling for your children that you do indeed follow the rules and show courtesy for other humans.

 I would suggest telling your cousins to get over themselves and that the next family vacation you take will be with people who don’t embarrass you by double fisting rudeness and stupidity. 

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4 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – Disney Dumb Asses

  1. Debbie V says:

    My husband and I were just talking line jumpers. I live in Orange County and my family has a Disney pass and it seems like every year people get ruder and ruder and less ashamed about their behavior. You’re right Snarky bad behavior like that does ruin Disney for everyone.

  2. Linda says:

    Asshats not speaking to you…………..sounds like a win win to me. You’re absolutely right in your behavior.

  3. Keller says:

    Are. You. Kidding. Me? Your family is mad at you because you didn’t jump on the rude train? That is F’d up. You did the right thing by not being an a hole and like Snarky said I’m surprised someone didn’t punch out one or more of your family members. Stay strong Sad Mickey, stay strong.

  4. Allison L Alti says:

    Next year I’d skip the family reunion! Breaking rules is never ok. Thank goodness you are a good parent who is a good role model.

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