Dear Snarky – Help Me Shut Down A Mom Who Is School Shaming

Dear Snarky,images

My daughter just graduate high school and she is going to K State for college. The problem I’m having is that another mom whose daughter also just graduated has spent every graduation party dissing state schools.

To make matters worse she won’t tell anyone where her daughter is going to school because quote “they’re still weighing scholarship offers.” She also is lying and telling people her daughter got wait listed by Harvard.  I say lying because her daughter, while a good student, didn’t even take one AP class or have an academically demanding schedule.

How do I shut this mom down the next time she starts in on state schools and that ridiculous wait listed thing?

Signed, Go Wildcats!

Dear Wildcats,

This mom needs to go to remedial charm school and perhaps have a sit down with a therapist and financial planner over her aversion to her child receiving a superior education at a state school while saving thousands and thousands of dollars in tuition.

In fact, the next time she bad mouths state schools I would ask her  – what do you have against great universities? I would also not so gently remind her that most of the people she knows probably went to a state university so she might want to cool it on the school shaming because it’s making her look extremely uneducated and foolish.

As for the wait listed at Harvard thing. Good Lord, give me strength. This is the perfect parent brag because it’s almost impossible to verify. So, I would just deliver a very bewildered – “Wow, just Harvard? Last I heard most kids at least got wait listed by at least three Ivy’s and MIT.”  Yep, just battle her ridiculousness with more ridiculousness.  Sometimes that’s the only way to shut down a parent who’s out of control.

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