Bra Shopping Made Me Cry

5eeb1a1db52a0d28b3bf28f15e39d17dI don’t like anything scary. Horror movies, Stephen King novels and those fright houses that pop up at Halloween just count me out. My lifelong quest to avoid anything that would cause me to be in a state of terror made me woefully unprepared for what happened a couple of days ago at Macy’s. I’m telling you the things I saw are still haunting me. Really, I’m getting heart palpitations as I write this. Excuse me while I go to my happy place for a moment (thinking about cakes and assorted fruit cobblers just in case you were curious) to gain some composure.

All right, I’m better now and because it’s a proven fact that talking about a tragedy is good for starting the recovery process I will now bare my soul. Last Tuesday, the unspeakable happened. I ran out of bras. Well, not so much ran out, it was more like a bra surrender. There I was with only one bra left in my arsenal and as I’m getting dressed to go on television my bra breaks. The last hook standing gave out.

If you’re a bra wearer or lingerie aficionado you maybe thinking last hook? What do you mean last hook? Most bras have three hooks. Well, my bra was down to one working hook and apparently the stress was too great and it waved a white flag and said, “I’m so outta here.” This left me without a bra to wear on television, which is a problem. There are two things you can count on never happening. One is me ever wearing a bikini at Schlitterbahn and two is me embracing a free-range lifestyle in regards to ladies undergarments. I did what any sensible female would have done and wore a sports bra under my silk blouse. Not the best of looks, but it got the job done.

What all this meant, of course, is that I had to go bra shopping. I’d rather go on another 20 hour, eighth grade choir field, trip to Branson on a circa 1969 school bus with iffy shocks, and two puking 13 year olds, then spend one second trying on bras. In fact, I hate bra shopping so much I hadn’t bought one in ten years! Yes indeed I hadn’t tried on bras since George W was president and Lost was confusing all of us on TV.

I gave myself a pep talk and dragged myself out of my car and did what was basically a perp walk to the bra department at Macy’s. Thank you to the underwire Gods the saleswoman working that area was over the age of 40 and understood the legacy of the sagging bosom. Nothing is worse to the aging female psyche than having a pert, twenty something make bra suggestions. This is why I have avoided going into Victoria’s Secret for the past two decades because the only “angel” bra that would work on me is going to have to come with real divine intervention.

When I confessed to the saleslady my predicament, to her credit, she only flinched and did a dramatic eyebrow raise, but other than that she remained dedicated in her quest to assist me. I quickly shared that I didn’t need a pretty bra or a lacy bra. What I required was the workhorse of bras so if there’s an undergarment named Clydesdale or Draft Horse bring it on. I entered the dress room with almost two dozen bras. I had the minimizers, the shapers, the lifters, the separators, the push up and something called “back fat no more.”

The horror show began when I began to try on the bras. Forget the push up bra what I really needed was a box of tissues and Xanax. Oh the humanity! And just what the heck is going on with full support bras? Do the manufacturers of said garments need to be reminded of what full support means? If so, please heed this description. A full support bra should employ a cantilever engineering method to hoist objects to a higher altitude. Full support does not mean a slight, almost indescribable lift. And as for “back fat no more” to you I say, “liar, liar, brassiere on fire.” The bra, in effort to smooth out the back fat, smooshed all the extra flab to my underarms thus gifting me with some serious armpit cleavage. I feel 100% certain in saying, “ain’t nobody going to want to see that.”

Finally, after a couple of silent screams in the dressing room and a cleansing ugly cry, I left with three bras. After I paid, I thanked the saleslady for her gracious help and told her I would see her again — in 2026.

15 thoughts on “Bra Shopping Made Me Cry

  1. Lisa says:

    Bra shopping is the WORST! The only store where I’ve had even a remotely decent fitting and emerged with a bra that semi-fit is Soma. Other than that…forget it. And let’s don’t even talk about the ” one boob is significantly bigger than the other one” thing! Is that even normal? So annoying. And weird.

  2. Leslie says:

    Snarky I have you beat! I haven’t bought a new bra in 11 years and counting. If only I didn’t have to go swimsuit shopping I’d be happy.

  3. J Shaw says:

    Ha! I had to take the perp walk recently too. I ended up at Intimate Designs and had a professional fitting. It’s a bit of a drive to Lees Summit, but well worth it. My mom used to say “the older I get the bigger my boobs get.” I thought she was joking. Oh no. Jokes on me, cause I have gone up in cup size the last 2 years. Stupid old lady side boobs. 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    I only buy bras online. I don’t care how many times I have to return them and try again. It gives me enough time for some wine between try-on sessions that I can almost recover.

  5. carol ann ewen says:

    Oh, I so identify with your blog….still wearing bras that are so big due to a 30 lb weight loss. Rather stuff them before I go to the bra aisle. I’m 75 yrs old, so you know how I’ve hated this for many years


  6. Rachelrae says:

    I’m with you. Bra shopping is the worst. I’m still in my twenties but apparently I am a unicorn, no one makes a good bra for large cups, small bands. Don’t get me started on Victoria’s Secret. Those idiots tried to shove my g’s into a dd; FYI that’s what gave me “back fat”, migrating breast tissue 🙄

  7. Polly Unsaturated says:

    Fabulous post – I’m also about to undergo the horrors of bra shopping. I know the first thing they’re going to ask me is my size, and it’s been so long I can’t possibly remember (and all the size info has faded from the tags long ago). As I walk into the bra shop this time I shall remember your words and know that I’m not alone.

  8. Lynne Jacobson Arons says:

    Growing up in the 60’s in the Chicago area, the place everyone went for brassieres ( we didn’t call them bras) was Schwartz’s. My this store had moved from the city to the burbs and it was where our mothers took us, because i.e. was where their mothers took them The stock room could only be accessed through a hall with dressing rooms lining the sides. It never failed that just when the matron was sliding open the curtain and saying”Getvyourself in there , Dolly.” That Mr Schwartz would be walking through with a load of boxes to put on the shelves.

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