Complaining About Complainers

I’m scared and itf5e143ec2ce960127bdf80a128a33881’s not because I’ve eaten a whole bag of miniature Kit Kats in less than 24 hours. I know, I know, my lack of willpower is horrifying, but I’m taking solace in the fact that it wasn’t the 220 count “value pack” of Kit Kats. (Just a little FYI – the orange special edition Halloween Kit Kats are not that groovy. They taste a little chalky, not that it slowed me down in my consumption.) What’s got my stomach aching (besides sheer gluttony) is that I fear we have become a nation of chronic complainers.

Complaining is now most people’s go to conversational starter. I can’t be the only that remembers when sucking it up was considered a life skill? Or when we used to just let things go? Not anymore. Maybe it’s because we feel things so much more deeply now and are more attuned with what some psychologists call our “emotional harvest.” Yes, I just wrote that and now I feel dirty like I need be dunked in a tank filled with industrial grade Clorox. Seriously, emotional harvest? Can you buy that at Whole Foods? What a bunch of organic B.S. Why don’t we just call it what it is – whining.

Now, I know some of you maybe thinking I’m not the person to be complaining about complainers. In fact, when I told my husband that complaining was going to be my topic du jour he asked, “So, you’re writing about yourself?” Rest assured he got a look so severe it frightened both of our dogs.

Just for the record I’m not a serial complainer. I consider myself more of a person who illuminates fallacies in societal structures as they pertain to modern humanity with an emphasis on faux suburban utopias. Yep, that’s right. That’s what I am because if some fancy psychologists can call non stop bitching “emotional harvesting” than I can give some long-winded name for what I do. Furthermore, I’m not going to admit in print that I’m a complainer. My husband would use that statement against me for the rest of my life.

Now, as a non complainer, I can link the huge upswing in kvetching to what else but social media? Don’t believe me? All I have to do to prove my point is ask you to go through any of your social media newsfeeds and what to your wondering eyes should appear but a bunch of folks grousing with a whole lot of jeer.

Every single day someone is complaining about stuff that a decade ago we would have just shaken off, quickly forgotten about  and continued on with our life. But no, now if someone takes the space you wanted in the Price Chopper parking lot it’s off to your social media accounts to moan and groan about “what a jerk” complete with a photo of the offending car and license plate. Or if you’re upset because, God forbid you had to wait in line at Kohl’s behind a lovely middle-aged woman with really good hair using “shopping incentive” material making you feel justified taking sad face selfies with the caption “Ugh, a coupon lady. Why me?” (P.S. to the young lady who did that to me – I’m at least 10 years away from being a “coupon lady” and F.Y.I. Kohl’s cash is not a coupon. It’s cash. I mean it’s not legal tender, but it works just like cash. So take a selfie of me saving money and put that on Instagram!)

At some point you would hope that folks would tire, get a little embarrassed or feel some shame in regards to whining about such trivial stuff. Yeah, that’s not happening because not only are people complaining they now want their griping to go viral. How many Facebook posts have you seen where someone writes “Let’s make this go viral! Please share.”  Um, about that. I don’t think the lackluster service you received at a drive thru needs to go viral. It’s not like I don’t feel your pain about getting your Whopper without cheese, but somehow, with prayer and a support group, I think you’ll recover.

Here’s an idea borrowed from all of our parents. You know how back in the day we were all told to think before we speak. How about if we update that to think before we tweet or burden any conversation live or on the Internet with our current whine of the nano second. We should all ask yourselves will I really care about this 60 minutes from now? If the answer is no – then please as my mother would say “put a sock in it.” And as a sidebar issue, but still important, Kohl’s cash is so not a coupon.

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