Finally the New Snarky Book Is Out!

Okay friendsScreen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.01.47 PM, I have, at last, finished the sequel to Snarky in the Suburbs Back to School!!!!! The new book Snarky in the Suburbs Trouble in Texas is published. Here’s a blurb I hope makes you go, “Hell yes I’m buying this book!”

 Wynn Butler is ready to kill her mother . . . or at the very least demand she gets a psych evaluation and an MRI. On Wynn’s yearly pilgrimage to Trask, Texas, to visit her parents what she hoped would be a relaxing visit (not counting the family reunion which has all the charm of a zombie apocalypse) has turned into a Texas-sized, hot mess!

 Her 69-year-old mother Gwynn Crockett Martin has become an entrepreneur and opened up a cupcake bakery that seems to be doing double duty as a halfway house for economically battered Junior League dropouts.

 If that’s not enough to make Wynn want to turn tail and run home, her mom is hell bent on convincing her to “heed the call of Jesus” and come to the aid of a woman that made Wynn miserable in high school – Sara Beth Bishop. And by aid, Wynn’s mother means concoct a plan to exact epic revenge on Sara Beth’s lying, cheating, spray tanning, money stealing ex-husband and his new wife, snob-of-the-millennium, Yale Greenly.

 Things go from bad to worse when Wynn finds herself embroiled in a scheme that involves breaking and entering, theft, assault, livestock wrangling, killer mold, impersonating a maid, hair spray bomb fabrication and crashing the town’s poshest society event of the year – THE Mohair Palace Pageant. If Wynn can survive this visit home without doing time in the ER, jail, or both, it will be a miracle!

 Hang on to your hat and saddle up for a retribution rodeo or, as Wynn’s mom calls it . . .   “justice served up Lone Star style.”

 Right at this very moment you can get the book over at Amazon for your Kindle. I’m still waiting for the paperback version to show up on Amazon. I’ll let you know as soon as that happens. You can also get it for you Nook. And for everyone that complained that the first Snarky wasn’t on iBooks I’m waiting for iTunes to give me the thumbs up that it’s available. Meanwhile, you can, for free, download the Kindle app for your iPad or iPhone.

I want to thank all of you for reading my blog, being my Snarky Facebook and Twitter bestie and encouraging me to keep on writing. Y’all rock! Seriously, the Internet is a magical thing. I’ve made some wonderful friends and I do believe writing my blog has kept me out of prison. (Not that I don’t look fabulous in orange.)

A special thank you to Lori Barta Joergensen and Abby Ray! They were Team Snarky for this book and I have a girl crush on both of them.

If you choose to buy Snarky in the Suburbs Trouble in Texas – awesome! If you like it please feel free to write a glowing review. (If you don’t save your strength and just forget about this whole review thing.)

Now, go out there and give Trouble in Texas a lookie loo!