Dear Snarky – Bad Band Manners

dear_snarky_logo(There must something in the spit valves because this is the second case of Bad Band Manners I’ve been alerted to in the past month.)

Dear Snarky,

I am a parent of two teenagers who are in their high school’s band. While, my kids are in what a I could call, a very well-behaved band, the other bands at the football games this season have had horrible band manners. There’s bands playing over one another and blasting away the entire game.

It’s so bad I talked to my children’s marching band teacher and asked him to do something when this happens at the football games but he pretty much blew me off.  Do you think I should say something to the opposing team’s band or is that not my place?

Signed, Marching Band MomScreen Shot 2014-09-29 at 1.18.36 PM

Dear Marching Band Mom,

 I was so intrigued by your letter and the whole concept of marching band etiquette that I did some research. I called some local area band teachers and you, my friend, are spot on. There is a code of conduct for when to toot your horn, so to speak, and when to shut it down.

For example, a band is only supposed to play when their team has the ball and there are times during the game when both bands should be silent, like when the ball is in play, or while the quarterback is calling signals. Also, you never, ever play over another band while they are doing their school song.

I know it must frustrating that you’re having to suffer through a season of band bullies but I can not give you permission or condone you, going full “band mom” on the ill-mannered opposition. It won’t end well. Trust me. I know things.

What I would suggest you do when this happens is to sit in the bleachers and smile, maybe even stick you nose up in the air and luxuriate in the fact that you and your children’s high school, are winning (big time) by having the better, well-mannered, classier band. That should be music to your ears.

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