Dear Snarky – Unwanted Parenting Advice

dear_snarky_logoDear Snarky,

I am this close to punching my sister-in-law! We just got back from a family reunion and all she did was correct every child’s behavior but her own. She even went so far as to pull up parenting books from Amazon on her phone telling us we should read them to “get our kids under control.” Meanwhile her 3 less than perfect children, when they weren’t bullying their cousins, were fighting with their parents.

It was awful. Please help me get this woman under control.

Signed, Family Feud

Dear Family,

 The only way to deal with someone who loves to dispense advice is to fight fire with fire. Sure, you could do the whole turn the other cheek thing, but all that will do is give your sister-in-law permission to keep on being the family authority of child rearing and who wants that?

 So, I suggest at the next family get together you come locked and loaded with your own advice. And just don’t resort to pulling up parenting books on your iPhone. That’s for amateurs. What you want to do is up the visual aid ante and come with handouts.

 That’s right girlfriend, load up your purse with print outs from the Internet on how to deal with kids who bully and parents who allow it. When your sister-in-law starts pointing out your kids’ faults you reach into your purse and say, “Hey I saw this and thought of you.”

 I can’t guarantee this will shut her down, but it will serve notice that two can play this game and you’re going to play it better.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – Unwanted Parenting Advice

  1. Pearl ;) says:

    Not only would I have the article, I would put it in a book about parents who stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

  2. Mona K. says:

    I had a sister-in-law exactly like this and you are right the only way to shut her up is do what you suggested. The whole nice routine also gives her permission to keep on being a huge B.

  3. Special Needs Momma says:

    Unasked for advice is especially annoying when you have a child on the autism spectrum and idiots tell you what you’re doing is wrong. Umm, excuse me, is your child autistic? Then shut up.

    • Pearl ;) says:

      I also have a child with special needs. There are way too many people who “offer up” advice they know nothing about. I offer to change places for a day or two so they can experience my world, first hand, and that usually shuts them up. Hang tough, you are a super-parent, and they are probably jealous they weren’t chosen to parent a special child.

  4. Jodi says:

    Agreed, Special Needs Momma – and will expand that to those who tell you that a certain diet | vitamins | therapy | chiropractic treatment etc. will “cure” him. (growl….)

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