Dear Snarky – Competitive Easter Egg Hunting

aig1Dear Snarky,

Do you have any words of wisdom on how to keep an Easter Egg hunt family friendly? I come from a very competitive, large, family and we have a huge Easter Egg hunt every year. It was okay and kind of funny when my brothers and cousins would tackle or trip each other to get eggs before we all got married and had kids, but now it’s just dangerous and silly. How do we as a family stop the madness?

Signed, Cracked Egg

Dear Cracked,

Oh, how I can relate to this letter. We aren’t by chance related? Because my family for years had a throw down disguised as an Easter Egg hunt. It was hilarious, until as you pointed out in your letter, you add children to the mix. Now, the advice I’m about to give you is not something my family did because sadly no one in my family listens to me BUT I believe this is a solution Peter Cottontail would hop down the bunny trail for.

First, have age division and boundaries for the egg hunt. The little ones in the family can kick off the egg hunt by searching in their own area. This way the eggs are easier to find and they can run around without the fear of being accidentally knocked to the ground by Uncle Matt.

Keeping with the age theme, I would have all the adults go last and before someone says Ready, Set, Go make sure all the children are safely out of harms way. As the grown ups turn the egg hunt into a pro wrestling spectacle take joy in the knowledge that instead of putting candy in the adult eggs you have inserted fortune cookie like strips of paper that share thoughts on caring, kindness and family love. They might not take the hint but think of the fun you’ll have watching their faces as they open their eggs.

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