Leaf Me Alone

maxine311 Lame Excuses My Kids Give Me In An Attempt to Get Out of Raking/Mulching/Bagging Leaves

*A yard covered in a dense, three-foot pile of leaves is Mother Nature’s way of composting.

*Being forced to rake will ruin our young childhood memories when we thought leaves were fun. (i.e. The joy of jumping into piles of leaves with no consequence of then being told to rake and bag said leaves.)

*Leaf raking is giving into neighborhood peer pressure and didn’t you teach us not to follow the crowd.

*It makes the trees sad we’re carting off their buddies. After all they’ve been hanging out since Spring.

*Can’t we just wait for snow? It’s nature’s leaf smotherer.

*Leaf raking robs the yard of its individuality.

*It will make giving directions to our home easier.  “We’re the house on the left with the leaf carpet.”

*No one rakes the forest so why should we rake the yard?

*It’s not like we’re ever going to get “Yard of the Month” so seriously why do you care?

*Think of the leaves as a lawn blanket.

*If we rake we let the “Yard Bullies” win!