Snarky Cookbook

bake_sale_cover_200Who wants to get their Snarky on in the kitchen? Me! I’ve been totally sold on doing a Snarky Cookbook. Heading my cookbook team is a culinary genius who teaches cooking classes, is an executive chef, caterer and has her own line of cookies. Joining her is an equally talented whiz in the kitchen and a public school teacher ( love that). Trust me – these two know yummy.

Here’s where I need your help – we are looking for your best, favorite, go to recipes. Maybe it’s the one you are asked to bring to every potluck or school party. Perhaps it’s a family reunion classic. Desserts, entrees, snacks, you name it – we want it! This cookbook is going to be so deliciously snarky. Here’s a little peek at some of the sections: Bake Sale Throwdown, Jealous of My Casserole? Don’t Diss the Crock Pot and Mommy’s Little Helper (the adult beverage section) and of course I plan to have an entire collection of recipes that can be made with Diet Coke.

I’m personally going to submit a recipe for a casserole that I’m asked to bring to every office party and of course I’ll feature recipes from my blog and book like the Happy Mama and the Hot Mom Drink.

All you have to do is send your recipe to:

I would so love for you to include your name and a little background on the recipe(s) if you so desire. If you’re not comfortable with that just give me a pen name like – Carpool Cookie. (Yes, lame and I know you will do better.) Please share this with all your mom friends and let’s get started bringing a little Snarkalicious attitude into the kitchen!

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4 thoughts on “Snarky Cookbook

  1. Michelle says:

    How about a chapter called, “Making Up Fancy Names for Stuff You Dig Out of the Fridge and Throw Together?” Around here it’s called “Sushi Style.” This involves nuking a tortilla with some ham and cheese on it, rolling it up and slicing it into a poor imitation of a California roll.

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