Family Reunions – A Journey to Hell

941410_544848272221341_1195667944_nReunions are a combination of an I.R.S. audit and being a contestant in a beauty pageant.  You get a financial shake down by virtual strangers and your appearance is judged by people who still wear baby blue eye shadow.  Not the stuff of great times.  I’m currently enrolled in a 12 step program to recover from a family reunion I attended last week.  You know how some lucky families have their reunions at Disneyworld or the beach?  You get their Christmas card with the whole family decked out in white linen shirts (with just the slightest hint of a wrinkle) that shows off their sun kissed skin with the sapphire blue rolling waves behind them as an ocean breeze gently tosses their hair to create bouncy volume heretofore only found in Elle magazine cover shoots.  Why, dear Lord, am I not related to those people?

Here’s a little snapshot of my family reunion.  It’s held in a musty church fellowship hall that smells like it does double duty as a skunk rescue and rehab facility in a tiny, habitually dusty town that couldn’t keep a Dollar Tree Store in business.  The most erudite topic of conversation on this Fourth of July weekend was who was hotter Martha Washington or Dolly Madison. (I voted Dolly.)  Everyone is required to bring a covered dish and under no circumstances do you bring something that is not made from scratch or at the very least a Bisquick recipe. Four years ago I stopped off and purchased fried chicken en route to the reunion.  You would have thought I brought in a vegetable that hadn’t been marinated in bacon grease for 24 hours.  Family members were offended that I stooped so low as not to toil in a kitchen pre-reunion breading and frying.  In my defense I gently informed the clan of two things.  I live many, many miles away from the reunion site and I’m here under duress. Another mistake I made this year was carrying in assorted breads in a reusable Costco bag.  I was labeled uppity by some of the great grannies.  Everyone knows Sam’s is the only place to buy in bulk from.  I guess they thought I was two timing on their great love Wal-Mart (father of Sam’s) by stepping out with Costco.  And who are these people to judge me anyway?  The family in charge of beverages brought Diet RC to the reunion not Diet Coke!  Who does that?  Who brings Diet RC anywhere?  I would have been okay with Diet Pepsi (kind of), but who buys Diet RC?  I tell you who – my cheapo extended family.  I was embarrassed and ashamed of them. Good thing I travel with my own stash of emergency Diet Coke.

The whole reunion concept is harrowing. The only good thing that comes out of it is that it serves as a scared straight program for my children. They can see what the future holds when you give in to the pull of  the dark side of your gene pool and barely graduate high school.  I firmly believe that all family reunions should require the use of t-shirts or at that very last name tags that give personality cues such as, “Hi, my name is Eric and I’m the biggest dumb ass in the family” or in my sister’s case, “Becca, stating the obvious since 1969.” My T-shirt would read, “Dear family, please quit reproducing.” This year one distant relative asked me, “Now are you a new wife, because I remember your husband being married to someone prettier?”  My response, “No, it’s just me, older and apparently growing more and more hideous every month. I’m sure next year I’ll need to attend with a grocery bag over my head.”  The worst is the Grandma/Nana contingent quizzing you about your children so they can assure themselves that their grandkids are the superior beings at the reunion. My kids claim to fame; they’re the only ones who don’t use a toothpick as a fashion accessory.  No one taught the majority of these kids that a toothpick doesn’t live in your mouth and under no circumstances should you be running with a toothpick perched between your two lips.  Idiots.

This suffering in no way compares to the finale of the reunion where every “Family Leader” (Translation man with offspring who can coherently string together two sentences after drowning in Bud Light and Jack since 10:30 a.m.) stands up and updates the clan on what his family has been doing the last year.  The C.I.A. should be alerted that a new form of torture has been discovered.  I have no doubt if you gave prisoners the choice of water boarding or enduring these “Family Updates” that water boarding would be enthusiastically embraced as the lesser of these two evils.  Not even the promise of eating lots and lots of pie can dim the pain for me.  You have mostly jackasses standing up sharing everything from who got a new truck to the litany of surgeries and medical ailments that each family member is enduring mixed in with lots of political propaganda and conspiracy theories.  The thing that makes me choke on a toothpick the most is that a majority of these dudes (except my husband known as the family sissy or fancy pants) pretends that they’re hard core country men.  To hear them talk one would think they were out working their ranch lands and herding cattle from sun up to sun down.  They only thing they herd are their multiple TV remotes. They don’t even mow their own damn lawns. This bunch is less redneck and more red velvet necks.  Which means by the end of each manly family monologue I’m usually beating my head against the sticky picnic table.  That is until this year.  This year, I did the Family Update.

When it was close to our turn (they go in alphabetical order) I whispered to my husband that I wanted to do our family update.  He sighed, smiled and said, “I guess that means I should grab the kids and go out and start-up the car for a quick getaway.”  “Yes,” I replied, “A quick getaway will probably be most important.”  He got our kids and my son, just 15, muttered, “Wait a minute, mom’s going to do something crazy.  I want to stay and watch.”  My husband and I looked at one another and I nodded my head that it was okay. He had reached the age where it was safe for him to witness me in all my pot stirring splendor.  My husband told us,”You two better run out of here fast because I’ll leave you both behind before I let this bunch hurt my car.”

We agreed to his terms and set back down to wait our turn.  Finally, my family was called upon. I stood up and said I would being giving my kin’s report due to my husband being indisposed.  After I explained what that word meant I began my update.  I shared that my family, praise be to God, had no medical issues to share (you could feel the disappointment in the air), no new vehicles or guns were purchased and furthermore I was not allowing my son to even buy an airsoft gun because I know, based on DNA, that he would somehow shoot himself in the nuts at close range. My son, responded to this by nodding his head in lackluster agreement.  I have nothing against guns, but I have a lot against idiots with guns. After getting the crowd warmed up to the partial outrage level I began my work to turn up the heat to full-out fury.  That’s when I proclaimed, “I do believe that the moon landing is legit, that 9 11 was the work of terrorists, that the International Space Station is not satan’s celestial lair or a Russian time share being financed with our tax dollars, that George W. Bush is not the greatest president, what, with Lincoln and the first George giving him some very stiff competition. Nor do I find Barack Obama the answer to our prayers. Also, on this Fourth of July weekend I’d like to thank our founding fathers for crafting the legal documents that strip the right to vote from anyone who has been convicted of a felony.  I don’t want to mention names, but y’all  know who you are.”  I was ready for my finale, but I had to make sure my son was in haul butt mode. So, I gave him the signal and blurted out, “And I don’t think Sarah Palin is hot.  Attractive in a run-of-the mill mom at the grocery story kind of way – yes, but hot – no. God Bless America!”  Some of the men were so mad they were clanking in their rusty folding chairs as they tried to stand up and confront me. Lucky for me their astronomical guts slowed down their ability to go from a sitting to standing position.  I grabbed my son by the shirt, pushed him in front of me as a shield, thinking they would be less likely to maim a child and ran for the car.  My husband, always the planner, had two doors already open, we leapt in and he took off.  His car kicking up a storm of gravel and dust as he peeled out.  “Damn it,” I whispered under my breath, “I left my Costco bag behind.  My husband chuckled and said, “They’ll probably burn it in effigy.” I shrugged and my shoulders and replied, “Well,  they’d first have to know what effigy meant.”

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31 thoughts on “Family Reunions – A Journey to Hell

  1. letmestartbysaying says:

    This is absolutely fan-fricking-tastic.

    Also? This is why I was “terribly terribly busy with…things” each year my father told me I needed to drive (to Utah? Iowa? Idaho? I can’t remember…) and meet them at the annual family reunion on his side.

    Thanks, but I think I’ll stay home and brand my eyeballs with this salty bent fork. it would be a much more pleasant experience.

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      Congrats on successfully avoiding your family reunion. We always get the death threats as in “I could be dead by next year, this could be my last reunion and I want my family there with me. I don’t ask much of you except this one small favor.” Ugh.

  2. Angela D. says:

    OMG I seriously adore your blogs!!! *giggle*

    I mentioned my upcoming family reunion on facebook. However I got a phone call just yesterday (how’s that for timing!?) That my grandmother took it upon herself to call my Aunt to RSVP on my family’s behalf. Not only are we going…. but we will be bringing cookies! (thanks grandma! Do Chips Ahoy count?) Did I mention that my family reunions also require a $10 COVER CHARGE per Family!? Seriously!!!!!!

      • Angela says:

        No – BYOS – Bring your own soda! Not even a wine cooler in sight! Apparently this money goes to the hostess to help pay for the reunion. however its a pot luck reunion – so everyone is bringing food. So what is she paying for? I actually debated hosting just so I could cash in! HAHA However my husband has divorce papers in hand if I even utter that idea within ear shot of grandma. She’d be all over that! LOL!

  3. Lysa says:

    Don’t you think that even having toothpicks is an “uppity” way of proclaiming you even have teeth? If only my extended in-laws could have that much class. 1st reunion I went to as “the girlfriend” I was hauled out in front of everyone as the only person who RSVP’d. (Only one who knew what it meant!) My then boyfriend, now husband, was humming the Deliverance theme song in my ear as we backed away to the car.

  4. kristin says:

    You are obviously of Southern descent. Mine has also been held at a church fellowship hall in lovely downtown Zephyrhills, Florida. And also at Buddy Freddy’s. A restaurant my husband declared he was never again driving 6 hours from South Florida to attend. I hate them and am horrified I have passed on even part of this gene pool to my children.

  5. KellyO says:

    Bwahahahahaha! Can I book you for my husband’s family reunion?

    Actually we don’t even bother attending anymore. It just became too hard to bite our tongues and the eye rolling (mine) was giving me headaches. I am clearly the “odd one” that married into this hot-dish loving mid-western family so I’m sure they don’t miss me all that much.

  6. egiapssegrub says:

    Ahahahaaahahaha!!! Awesome!!!! You deserve an award for driving all the way down here for THAT!! Needed half a dozen “Like” buttons to mash during the reading!! Thanks for going with the ‘Family’ choice! Though, I still expect to see the HS reunion Lesbian’s Plus One story some day, too!!! :))

  7. Angela@BeggingTheAnswer says:

    My family avoids all the reunion tomfoolery by not having reunions. The people who want to see each other already do so at least once a year (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July). The ones who don’t want to be a part of the family relationship don’t come to any of these holidays, and we’ve learned from past experience that they won’t come to any family reunion. Best to let sleeping dogs lie.

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      How did you get all your extended family to avoid reunions? Please share. As it stands currently, I could attend 4 reunions each summer – mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law. I will only subject myself to one a year for the reasons you just read about.

  8. Janice Bostic says:

    Oh God, I’m from WV. It may turn out we’re related. We don’t do the family reunion thing. We avoid our family unless someone dies or gets married (both equally tragic, don’t you think?) Sadly, my husband’s family does have a reunion. We’re all WV born and raised. What else is there to say?

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      My parents are proud graduates of Logan High School. My grandfather was a hard working coal miner. The family reunion I wrote about concerned the Texas side of the family. But, I remember as a kid going to many a family reunion in Stirrat, W.V. Although, I have never lived in the “Almost Heaven” state.

  9. Jessica says:

    Holy COW!

    You have my last “family” reunion (husband’s side) perfectly described. Seriously … musty church basement in the middle of nowhere, covered dishes of who knows what that sit out ALL DAY LONG growing funk and bacteria, the family update. We were mocked last year because me boys were wearing sneakers instead of boots … in the middle of July!

    And just like Angela D., there is a cover charge to come to the family reunion. I don’t know what they use the money for since there isn’t any alcohol to help wash away the memory of a wasted Saturday once a year.

  10. Judy says:

    I was just at my husband’s family reunion, as I have gone reluctantly for that last 30 years, and I can honestly say, I do not know those people any better than I did when I first went as the girlfriend. The none-of-your business questions, the envy, the bragging, and the pain of having to smile too much have pushed me over the edge. Next year I’m going drunk, and I’m going to remain drunk throughout the entire 4 hour ordeal. The thing is, I don’t drink, what’s the best stuff to take along so I can remain stupified without getting sick too early? I would love to get high on weed, but my kids won’t get me any.

  11. Christen M Campsey says:

    see i am from texas lived here all my life and yet im not a hillbilly however im thinking that you should look into us being related as im poretty sure ur talking about my dad’s side of the family lmao

  12. Angela says:

    I missed out on the whole family update thing. It usually goes like this:

    An uncle stands up and says, “Hey, everybody, it’s me, this here’s my old lady and them’s some a my kids. I had hem’roid surgry this year. You don’t think that hurt like hell…jeezuz. The old lady, she wrecked the truck last winner…ag’in. Tiny woulda been here but they was short a help at the haff-way house and couldn’t nobody bring him over. Stink coulda come but he jumped bail las’ time and wouldn’t nobody make bail on him this time so he’s stuck up the county jail. Fanny Mae was gonna come, but that baby’s due ta drop any minute now and those other three kids jus’ keep he runnin’ alla time so she’s ’bout tired out. We don’t know who the daddy a this kid is…she ain’t tellin’ us. I reckon cause we told her we was gonna go after the daddy of her las; kid with the shotgun. We never did, but she got all pissed off anyway. Hell, it was only bird shot….wouldna even hurt ‘im. These ones here is Shorty, Skunk, Scoots, and Shiny. They’s still in school….gonna be there awhile I reckon. But, heck, even if it takes 10, 11 years to getcha that eighth grade diploma, I still tell ’em it’s all gonna be worth it.”

    And he sits down to a round of applause.

  13. Fred says:

    Oh the family reunion – my family holds the annual party the last Sunday in July (in South Georgia) outside under a pavillion next to the cemetary where our patriarch is buried. We are real proud because we have been having this same get together for the past 100+ years (in my opinion, this is not something to brag about to others, kinda makes us sound stupid, no?). I don’t usually remember any conversation that has occurred, mostly because my brain has been fried by the intense July heat!

  14. monica says:

    This seems very familiar to me. I loath family reunions. My moms side doesn’t have them anymore thank God! Nothing but child molesters in the lot anyways. My husbands family still has them and I loathe them to no end. Constant fighting, competitions, and bickering and they seem to have it on the freaking hottest day of the year! My husband and I agreed a long time ago when we do go….don’t eat the meat! I could care less if I baked or cooked what I bought. LOL. They can kiss it! Its freakin hot outside and if I gotta endure this then its gonna be something I pick up on the way there. We bring our own drinks too. Bottled water mostly or a Sonic drink and call it good. Thanks for sharing that. Made me laugh and think I’m not the only one who loathes reunions. LOL.

  15. Leon says:

    Beginning in early 1970’s, family reunions on my mother’s side were done in the Carolina’s. Family from the East coast drove the seven or eight hours to Hartsville, spent the night at relatives homes and enjoyed the weekend with picnics in the park. Had a great time! No sending money for Tee shirts, hotel reservations or anything like that. You saved a few dollars, bought a couple nice things to wear (maybe) for the weekend, got your ride rode ready and hit the rode four deep. Very affordable and worth the effort seeing love ones once there.

    As the years progressed, the reunion revolutionized. Mini talent shows, fashion shows, update show, venders selling merchandise at shows, in addition to the standard expenses like gas, food, sleeping accommodations for members in your immediate family. Not to mention indulging in playing slots machines or buying drinks while clubbing one of those nights with family. Reunions are not like the reunions I first attended in 1970’s, nowhere near!

    Too much he said, she said, too much gossip.

    One of the last reunion I attended and enjoyed was on a large ship on East coast. Maybe a couple of hundred family members were on board. Good times and big fun had by all. But just before that reunion, I had driven this new car my wife and I had recently purchased the seven to eight hundred mile to Carolinas. The following days at cook out, I was thinking that relatives would be glad to see that I was doing ok and had a new ride but, it was just the opposite. Family members hardly made eye contact and when I spoke to one of my aunts, she reached out and slightly slapped me across the face and knocked off my hat. Because she was my aunt and I was taught to respect your elders, I played it off as if it was all in fun. I smiled and gave her a hug. But, could not figure out why she slapped me. We were never on bad terms. She was an aunt through marriage and my mother’s favorite sister-in-laws. Haven’t attend another reunion since. One more incident was when an older cousin snatched my hat from my head and used it as a collection plate to give money to my grandmother. Again I smiled it off but, was pissed.

    Seen and spoke to other persons years after that particular reunion. None mentioned those incidence, nor did I bring it up. Reunions are attended to relax with family, friends not to be ina defensive posture.

    So, if that’s the treatment for family members attending reunions, they can have every family reunion without me.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Please help, I have my husband’s THREE DAY EXTENDED FAMILY REUNION coming up at “Brother Joe’s Farm”. We are camping, but I’m trying to talk him into a hotel. Many of his cousins are missing teeth.

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