A Middle Aged Woman’s Birthday Oath

candleshitload Today’s my birthday and I’ll whine if I want to. To commemorate getting another year less young I will commence with the annual reciting of this oath. Feel free to join in.

I do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to my advanced middle age years. I will not shun nor hide my number of birthdays but accept the fact that the phrase, “She looks good for her age” is perhaps the best I can hope for.

I do reserve the right to punch anyone in the face who gender blurs me and attempts to negate my femininity with the comment, “She’s a handsome woman.” Which we all know is code for she has a bit of a beard and noticeable ear hair.

I sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful in my resolve to attempt to shun a surgeon’s knife as a part of my beauty ritual. I swear in the years ahead to not become obsessed with having my boobs inflated and cantilevered to a higher altitude. I know in my heart that no woman’s chest should be so ferociously elevated that her breasts create a book shelf for her chin.

I give you my word that I will not become possessed with having the prettiest hooha money can buy. This includes vajazzling – the ritual of gluing shiny things to a freshly waxed surface located south of the border. I pledge to not take a 10x magnifying mirror and go deep undercover to assess the attractiveness factor of my panty adjacent parts.

I will resist any and all advertising campaigns and peer pressure to return my “personal space” to it’s “virginal state” by having procedures done that sound like a combination of car mechanic and landscaping terms as in: clitoral hood reduction, labia shaping, labia trimming, and vagina rejuvenation with undercoating.

I promise to remain strong and never let fellow middle-aged women make me feel ashamed of my “stuff” by mocking me about my non-vajazzle grooming practices and making the 21st century Socratic comment that a “vajazzle is like putting lipstick on a pig if you don’t have your parts refreshed.”

I vow that the word “injectables” will not become part of my daily lexicon. I will be steadfast in my resolve when I go to the dermatologist for my yearly “Stroll Down Mole Lane” to not fall prey to the youth fever sales pitch. My face will be able to move! Mainly because I want the world at large to know when I’m really ticked off.

I will do my utmost to resist injecting my own fanny fat into my face, ditto for arsenic and other poisons or potions that are packaged and clearly marked with a skull and crossbones. I will also attempt to steer clear of the holy trinity of acid based fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse) or shooting up with any part of a cow to smooth out laugh lines and forehead frowns or transform my lips from slim to portly.

Although, I do enjoy the magic of make-up I promise to never use any cosmetic that could be confused with a basement remodel as in: primers, sealers, spackle or foundation spray.

I guarantee that I, not now nor ever, will make it my goal to be a MILF. Since I wasn’t a GILF in high school or college I sincerely doubt I would ever be granted access to the MILF sorority. Furthermore, since the designation AMA (advanced maternal age) is on both of my pregnancy medical files I know I have passed the acceptable age limit for any sort of sexual innuendo that would, at best, be considered disturbing even for the criminally insane. I will stand proud in the knowledge that I have enough going in my life that I don’t seek and/or covet attention from male children who attend high school to make me feel good about myself.

I pledge to not go gently into the “I’m giving up” zone of late middle age. I will rage against mom jeans, the wearing of elastic waist pants for every occasion and I forever pledge myself as a warrior in the fight against socks with sandals.

But, I also give my allegiance to good taste and stand firm in not: showing butt crack, thong, visible nipple, extreme cleavage or belly button when I pick my children up from school, attend school and/or extra curricular events, (including, but not limited to parent/teacher conferences) or go to the grocery store.

On my honor as a mother I swear that I will never, in the years ahead, have to tell my children that their college tuition for next semester looks “iffy” because I dropped some major coin on a vaginal rejuv with an emphasis on a retro hymen procedure.

I further promise never to utter this phrase, send this statement in either an e-mail or text format or use as a Facebook status update while typing at my desk in a mini-thong so my vajazzle can air: “My hooha is back to full virgin and I got me some epic toxy resty-juv. Bonus – my boobs are so high I can wipe my nose on them.”

So help me God.

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17 thoughts on “A Middle Aged Woman’s Birthday Oath

  1. KellyO says:

    LMFAO!! You have my eternal allegiance and I vow to take the oath as soon as I figure out what a “retro hymen procedure” is. Is that something I would regret giving up? 😉

    Seriously am in love with your writing…and possibly you. May I repost this oath at my blog? With all due credits and links of course.

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      Of course re-post away. Thanks for the love. A “retro hymen procedure”( my words not a medical term) is when a surgeon makes you a brand new hymen. Apparently it is all the crack for the middle aged and bored. The medical term is hymenoplasty – be careful when you google it – Yikes on the photos.

    • Brandi says:

      You are lucky enough apparently to not need these surgeries. I had to sit through one of those “fun parties” and was actually having a good time laughing at all of the prudish women pretending to be uncomfortable talking about masturbation. Really?

      Alas, then someone dropped the subject of rejuevenation, and they must have been talking about labia reconstruction, because the next words I heard were “meaty labia” and then “roast beef curtains”. So then Im thinking, if you have “meaty labia” maybe it would really really bother you. In that case, I welcome that type of surgery, as long as I dont have to hear those words again…..

  2. Paige Cashion says:

    Aaaahahahaaa!! Thank you for this!! After the week I’ve had, I needed a deep belly laugh! But I’ve gotten confused on one term…. and it’s disturbing.. I’ve been thinking that recent references to ‘vajazzle’ were to that drink you love to take to your neighbor’s homes. In reading the Oath, I find that does not seem to be the case.. what is the name of that drink?!! (I know. I’m tired.)

  3. Cindy says:

    Confession – I will wear sock with my tevas. I know. dorky but comfortable at the theme park when it’s 50 degrees instead of the 75 I thought I’d be getting in FL in January. Otherwise, I don’t even understand most of what you’ve pledged not to do. I’m with you – getting older is not for the weak.

  4. Algernon says:

    Some of us have had enough non-elective surgery, that we run away from anyone who suggests the elective kind (on any body part). My personal anti-aging routine involves wearing buckets of sunscreen, flossing my teeth, and having a hyper dog who needs to be walked. I admit to coloring my grey hair, but that’s mostly to keep myself employable in a youth-obsessed world. Hoping to demonstrate to my daughter that one can be attractive in middle age without a surgeon’s help.

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