Vajazzle – Seriously?

I’m stunned. Actuavajazzling-class-card-9lly speechless. Which, almost never happens to me. Who is the idiot, the misogynist, the really, really, terribly bored person who thought up the idea of decorating the “lady area” with bling? I’m talking about “vajazzles.” That’s the term used for paying upwards of $300 to have your already waxed lady parts subjected to being glued with Swarovski crystals, glitter etc. Have women gone insane? Have we lost our ability to say no to current trends and fads?

This happens when I’m still not over the whole “down under” waxing. First, it was just the bikini trim so nothing peaked out of your swimsuit then we leap to the Brazilian wax which is definitely “No Hair Left Behind” anywhere. It’s excruciatingly painful, embarrassing and expensive (because the poor soul who has to do this all day deserves the big bucks). Plus, the maintenance for keeping your nether regions smooth is intense. Hair grows and it seems to grow faster below the equator. So, I’m still traumatized by the need to be hairless and then this bejeweling trend takes off.

Thank you Hollywood celebrities for gushing over the joys of having a lady area “that shines like a disco ball.” I’ve got a couple of thoughts here. First, umm do you really need to shine like a disco ball down there. Any self-respecting hetro dude can find that area without illumination or any additional ornamentation. He’s born with a built-in radar system that will lead him right to it.

Next, I’m thinking in terms of romance wouldn’t all that bling get in the way. I’m talking about some serious glitter chaffing and/or crystal burns. Also, on my mind is the pain factor. You’ve already subjected your delicates to a complete waxing, then someone applies glue, that’s right glue, to your newly smooth surface and starts attaching jewelry. Then once all your bling goes bye, bye from wear and tear (I’m told it lasts about five days) your left with glue residue to pick off your lady business.

Let’s not forget the itch factor. Vajazzlers say it’s high, as in hands down your pants, scratching like you’ve got poison ivy on your privates high. And wouldn’t it affect the way your pants fit? There’s the rub – literally. It’s recommended you don’t wear panties when you get a vajazzle.  The friction between your underwear and the bling affects the staying power of your downstairs decor. In fact, the literature I read suggest skirts or dresses to keep your vajazzle intact.  Skirts and dresses without underwear – not in this lifetime or the next.

In the sanitary department it’s recommended you refrain from washing your family jewels. Now, that’s just wrong. The cost of  bedazzling also ticks me off. I know it’s none of my business how people spend their own money. But, a couple of hundred dollars for five days of sparkle. Ridiculous. If you have this much time and money to spend pondering your privates than perhaps you need to make yourself useful by either donating to charity or doing some volunteer work.

Come on ladies, smarten up!  We need to stand up to  fashion torture disguised as a trend.  I’ll tell you what, when it’s a common practice for men to wax and glue costume jewelry on their twig and berries then maybe I’ll consider encrusting my crotch with crystals.

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18 thoughts on “Vajazzle – Seriously?

  1. Lety says:

    I am so with you on this. I don’t know what is worse…the fact that 20 somethings are doing this which makes me feel incredibly old or the fact that 40 something woman try to pull off such trens that really just are not pull-off-able…and while I realize that is not a real word, I just made it up so it is now! I mean, seriously…who has time to glue crap to their who-ha? I barely have time to find it myself, let alone use it! You seriously crack me up!

      • Lety says:

        I totally blame the sex industry. Some Playboy model did it for a photo shoot because cubic zirconium apparently screams money, and all these fools followed suit. Then some really smart fool said “Dayum, I’m gonna make a lot of money off of this.” and he started selling way overpriced sticker sheets to ladies who want a disco ball instead of what nature gave them, HAIR!!! Bwahahahaa!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Shining like a disco ball eh? I can just picture my hubby literally laughing his @$% off if I had my vijajay vajazzled!

  3. Judith says:

    Ok, I’ve always spelled it “hoohaw” but I see Lety spells it Who-ha. I need to know. Good work on this one. I never thought about the investigative work that goes into these.

  4. low self esteem much? says:

    Forget about womens lib, and they say that supposedly was created by rich, powerful men…this vajazzle crap set us gals back about 50 years. Come on?! Can you imagine the father’s of these girls who get this stuff done. Daddy must be so proud of his little freak. Sad.

  5. JLB says:

    You know, I thought it was awkward when my mother told me she had been scared to go to bed without undies since she was six, since her grandma told her “if you don’t wear undies to bed, a roach will climb up your hoo hoo.”

    She’s been scarred ever since. But I wonder if she would feel more confident about scaring away the bugs if she had BRIGHT SHINING REFLECTORS down there.

  6. JLB says:

    But on the positive side, I see that Dame Edna had something to say about the vajazzling, and nothing says “natural woman” like Dame Edna, right?

  7. danna says:

    Holy Crap!!!! Is this real? Do people really do this?!?!?!? I’m with you Snarky, the hot wax down my pants idea is scary enough. My kids are both under 6, I’m happy to find tow matching earrings every week or so and put them on, but vajazzling? This has to be an urban myth! Right?!?!?!

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