Dear Snarky – A Bunco Bitch is Ruining Our Group

Dear Snarkyscreen-shot-2016-11-07-at-9-23-42-am

Our Bunco group is about to be disbanded due to one former member, #buncobitch, having a temper tantrum because she was not invited back for next year.

The back-story is that this woman was a terrible addition to our group. She always flaked out at the last-minute from hosting Bunco, took the game way too seriously, like get mad and throw insults seriously, and turned into a bully, especially after her third cocktail.

This is why every single one of us chose to kick her out of the group for 2017. Now, all hell has broken loose and this woman is threatening legal action!

Do we stand up to her or disband because most of us don’t need or want this kind of headache over a dice game that was really an excuse to drink wine?

Signed, Scared of a Bunco Bitch

Dear Bunco,

By all means dramatically disband and do it with enough of a flourish that folks know your group is kaput. Then go Bunco 2.0 and get your original group back together with one new member and volia – problem solved. It’s a brand spanking new Bunco.

Yes you could fight this Bunco Bitch, but why bother? She’s cray. I mean who sues a Bunco group? I get it her feelings are hurt, but it’s Bunco, not alienation of affection in a divorce and furthermore where’s her pride? Who let’s their emo flag fly over Bunco?

And is there a Bunco board of directors and bylaws that are even legally binding? Um, I don’t think so. Maybe someone, who might still be on speaking terms with the Bunco B, should gently suggest that she start her own merry band of bunco buddies.

So, take the easy way out – disband, regroup, and enjoy the vino.

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