Breaking Snarky News🥳

🎉BIG NEWS here in Snarky Town – the EMPTY audiobook is here!!! 🎧

For those of you that have been waiting for the audiobook all I have to say is that you’re in for a treat. The fabulous narrator Connie Shabshab has done a wonderful job capturing the essence of the characters and I can’t wait for you take a listen.

The audiobook is available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. (And just so you know I don’t set the price for the audiobook it’s determined by the length.)

👂Click here for an earful.

BUT wait there’s more – in celebration of the audiobook being released I’ve discounted the Kindle version of EMPTY to $4.99 for a just a few days.

So basically what I’m trying to say is now is a great time to fill up with EMPTY! Here’s a teaser. 😍

Three middle-aged women who have seen their carefully crafted lives take a precipitous financial plunge, forge an unlikely friendship while getting paid to take part in a clinical trial for a new menopause drug. The trio spends a month sequestered at a pharmaceutical testing facility that has all the charm of a nail salon inside a Walmart, and bond over their anger and disbelief that their only hope for some quick cash is leveraging the remaining estrogen they have lurking in their ovaries.

Each of these women has a recent story of their existence hurtling to hell. Maria had a career catastrophe so epic that googling her name is now painful. Cassie’s extreme vanity took an ugly turn and Julie’s husband didn’t just walk out on their marriage, he disappeared with all the money

Once they become roommates, this cadre of unlikely friends merge their talents to find Julie’s missing husband and her half of the “marital assets.” Maria has major accounting mojo, Julie has connections, and Cassie, a former soap opera actress, has acquired an assortment of shady skills during her Hollywood tenure.

As they plot, scheme, and embark on an adventure to find an AWOL spouse, they learn how to fight back against a world they believe deems them old and insignificant and, in the process, discover that fifty is when life gets fun, especially when you can get even.