Dear Snarky – My Boyfriend is WAY Jealous of My Fantasy Football Skills

Dear Snarky,

 I have a problem with my boyfriend and it’s making me worry about our future together. He’s always been super competitive and now he’s angry with me because my fantasy football team is doing much better than his.

 Right now, I’m at the top of our league. I think he thought that I would be drafting players I thought were cute but I know a lot about football and don’t mess around.

 Now, he’s pouting and making rude comments about me and to me. The thing that really made me think about our relationship is that his mother pulled me aside and told me that if I want to keep her son happy I need to quit playing fantasy football.

 Is this just a weird thing my boyfriend has about football or do you think it goes deeper?

 Signed, Confused

 Dear Confused,

Every person has that one thing they’re a freak about. For example, I’m a little OCD about how the dishwasher is loaded. That said, I don’t mock family members for not doing it right. I just re-do when they’re not looking.

So maybe your boyfriend is a fantasy football freak but I think it goes deeper than that and you’re right for having warning bells going ding, ding, ding in your head.

First, you use the word angry to describe his feelings toward you and then you say he’s making rude comments and  – whoa – he ran to his mommy to make him feel better and to have her fix his hurt feelings. Are You Kidding Me?!!!

This guy sounds like a Mama’s boy with anger issues and I would run like the wind to get as far away from him as fast as you can. He’s bad news and trust me when I tell you can’t fix him, you can’t love him out of it and you’re not going to get him to change. All you can do is leave and not look back. You have to focus on the fundamentals in football and in relationships and this guy’s fundamentals are weak.



9 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – My Boyfriend is WAY Jealous of My Fantasy Football Skills

  1. Ashlea Christopher says:

    Not surprisingly, I completely agree with you Snarky! She needs to run far, far away! And keep rocking that Fantasy team!

  2. downwithboredom says:

    It’s okay to say “I’d rather we not play in the same fantasy football league again, because I don’t like competing with you in this.” A few snarky comments might even be okay, depending on tone and normal mood of relationship. But posting about it & whining to mommy rate a permanent ejection. Besides, she sounds competent. How’s he gonna deal when she makes more money than he does?

  3. downwithboredom says:

    Dump him and run, girl! You sound competent and he sounds like the embodiment of the “fragile male ego.” How’s he gonna handle it when you’re winning at something that’s not a game, like making more $$$?

  4. Lisa k Waller says:

    Run, run like the wind, girl. That amount of anger over something so relatively minor doesn’t bode well. Just a matter of time before it escalates to something physical.
    Forget him & his pathetic mother.

  5. Kim Kingston-Durgin says:

    There are many red flags that you need to pay attention to in your short letter. Ultimately, it spells out that this guy is not Mr. Right, nor is he Mr. Right for Now. Drop his butt flat and leave this relationship. You should date someone who if he has a problem with what you do is not rude to you and says rude things about you to others. Nor who goes to his mother and has her tell you that you are responsible for his happiness. He is not a toddler. You need to be in a relationship with an adult.
    I am joining the chorus above and state that you should RUN RIGHT NOW and keep doing the things that make you happy.

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