Dear Snarky – My Ex Husband Brought A Date To Field Day!

Dear Snarky,

 My ex-husband hit a new low last week. We have been divorced for 6 months and for our son’s sake have tried to keep everything friendly. I thought we both were doing a decent job of that until my ex brought some random chick to my son’s elementary school field day.

 This girl, because she looked about 19, had on shorts that left nothing to the imagination and a bra top. My husband was all over her and it became the talk of Field Day. I tried to ignore it and focus on my son, but as you can imagine I was ready to walk up and punch both of them in the face.

 Because of what happened during Field Day I want to tell him that he can’t bring this girl to our son’s 5th grade graduation next week, but I’m afraid that might blow up in my face.

 Signed, Divorced Mama

 Dear Mama,

 First, I want to applaud you for keeping your emotions under control during Field Day and ignoring your jerk of an ex and his groping Olympics. By doing so you totally derailed his plan of getting a reaction from you. Because you see that’s what he wanted. His main reason for bringing a scantily dressed date to Field Day was to mess with you.

 This is why you need to say nothing to him about bringing a date to the 5th grade graduation. It will only embolden your ex to up his game. The best way to shut down this kind of behavior for good is to act oblivious to this idiot’s attention seeking antics.

 So go to your son’s graduation, enjoy your day and high five yourself for acting like a grown up. Your son needs that from you because it’s obvious his father doesn’t have that skill set.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – My Ex Husband Brought A Date To Field Day!

    • snarkyinthesuburbs says:

      As a mom it would be a huge faux pas to have your child skip the grad ceremony. Yes, 5th graders graduating is a little eye rolling, but then again so is pre-school graduation, kindergarten graduation, 8th grade graduation etc. The child needs to participate with his peers and some dumb ass dad shouldn’t deprive him of that experience.

  1. Scott B says:

    While I agree all the graduation ceremonies at various ages are a bit much, we actually enjoyed the 5th grade graduation, the kids had fun with their friends, and we have some great pictures of us, the kids with teachers, etc. I felt like it was a good memory and for our schools it’s the transition from elementary to middle school. So it’s a bit of a “big deal” to the kids and worth a bit of a celebration in my opinion.

  2. irreverendt says:

    Knew I’d catch it from some…wasn’t sure about you Snarky. Still think it depends on the child. Considering the situation described in the letter attending probably is a good idea. Give the boy a good memory amid a time of turmoil

  3. amdcrazychickenlady says:

    I’m going to troll just a bit….without knowing details of who left whom, gotta wonder if Mom is a little uptight and maybe needs to wear a little something sexy (and I’m not talking yoga pants that show every dimple) and step up her game a bit….turn the tables on the ex-hubs and step out looking like the 12 she is (not dress size – sexy meter on scale of 1 to 10). And don’t get all hung up on little miss hot pants – she won’t last long anyway, especially when he realizes there is more to a relationship than….well, you know.

  4. Mom of 3 says:

    This post may be too late…….however,
    Just be the classy, responsible, Mom your son needs, and wants. After all, it is about HIM and no one else! Trust me when I say, I know inside it hurts you, but no one needs to know that, not your ex, not his friend, and most importantly, not your son.
    Your son may be young, but he will remember all the times you were there for him, and are/were the more mature parent he needed. He will always have more respect for you, than for his Dad. In fact if the truth were known, and your son saw any of his Dads behavior, during Field Day, he was probably embarrassed, and mortified, anyway. Your ex does not seem to be taking in your sons feelings, which would make him a very selfish, and childish person, to say the least. You hold you head up high, and know that when you put your feelings aside for your son, it will be worth it all, in the long run.
    I know, Im a single mom of 3 sons, (all grown now) and all they get is a text on their birthday from their Dad, and they do not even acknowledge him or his texts, nor do they acknowledge him, on his birthday or Fathers Day. Its sad, but its his own fault.
    Good luck, Mom, you should be very proud!

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