Dear Snarky – My “Mansplaining” Brother-In-Law Just Told Me Pain During Childbirth Was A Myth

Dear Snarky,

 I have a new brother-in-law who is so annoying every time I’m forced to spend time with him I get a stress rash. He thinks he’s the authority on all topics and talks down to women. I’m 8 months pregnant and the final straw was when he “mansplained” to me that pain during childbirth is a myth made up by women to make their husbands feel bad.

 I couldn’t help myself and I went off on him even yelling my sister that it wasn’t too late to get her marriage annulled. Now, as you can imagine, there’s a huge rift between my sister and I and she’s demanding an apology. I want to tell her – that’s never going to happen. Am I right to stand my ground on this one?

 Signed, Pregnant & Angry

Dear Pregnant,

 Idiots, especially idiots who think childbirth is a pain-free process, a veritable walk in the park on a sunny, spring afternoon, don’t deserve apologies. If anyone should get the “I’m sorry” it’s you.

 Sure, you might have screamed that your sister should get her marriage annulled, but I would consider that a community service not an act of aggression. You new brother-in-law needs to learn when to keep his uniformed opinions to himself and your sister needs to quit defending him and start demanding that he thinks before he speaks. 

 So girlfriend, you and your big, beautiful, baby bump need to stand proud and perhaps think about sharing some of the magic of labor with your brother-in-law by sending him audio texts of you “enjoying” what he calls a pain-free experience.

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