Dear Snarky – A Teenage Girl VS Her Dad’s Girlfriend in a Social Media Smackdown


 I’m getting a lot of pressure to force my 17-year-old daughter to apologize for something she did on social media. The problem is I don’t think she did anything wrong and I want to high-five her and take her out for lunch and shopping.

 Here’s what happened. My loser of an ex husband’s girlfriend went on Facebook and as a status update asked my daughter, who can’t stand her, want she wanted for Christmas.  My daughter replied, “to turn back time and have you not sleep with married men.”

 For background purposes my husband and I were still married when he began seeing this woman and after our divorce my ex pressured my daughter to accept his girlfriend’s friend request.

 Well, you can imagine how things hit the fan after my child posted that statement. To make matters worse the slimy girlfriend was off Facebook for hours and didn’t see my child’s reply so that meant it was up for a while and got a lot of responses. Some were not very kind to the girlfriend who had told many people that my husband was separated when they began dating.

 Now, my ex wants our daughter to post an apology on Facebook for hurting his girlfriend’s feelings. I told him she shouldn’t have to apologize for telling the truth.

 What do you think Snarky?

 Signed, Proud Mama

 Dear Proud,

 Your husband’s girlfriend is a fool! Primarily because she should not have asked your daughter on a social media forum what she wanted for Christmas. Was she trying to show off and pretend that she and your daughter were BFF’s? It makes no sense. Good Lord, she could have at the very least communicated via private Facebook message. Also she must not know how a teenage girl’s mind works because I’d rather wrestle a rabid Grizzly than go head-to-head with an emotional 17-year-old who is working through very raw feelings about her parent’s divorce.

 As for having your daughter issue an apology on social media – worst idea ever!!!  It’s just going to stir things up again in a big way. Tell your ex he needs to let it go and in the future if his girlfriend wants to communicate with your daughter than she can deliver her message either in person or via your ex husband. 

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13 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – A Teenage Girl VS Her Dad’s Girlfriend in a Social Media Smackdown

  1. Linda Ramos says:

    Even I want to take her out for lunch and shopping! Perfect response and if the girlfriend can’t take the heat then get the h*ll out of the kitchen. Total burn…I think I love that kid.

  2. Divorced Mom of 3 says:

    You were right Snarky the mistress now girlfriend was trying to show off on Facebook and pretend that she had a relationship with the girl. If she lied about not dating the girl’s dad until after he got divorced then I’m sure she’s told anyone who would listen that she has a “wonderful relationship with the daughter” and probably even that “the daughter likes her better than her mom.” That home wrecker got exactly what she deserved and the only people that should be apologizing are the dad for cheating and the woman for being a tramp!

  3. Mich says:

    The dad is a huge ass! How dare he care more about his girlfriend’s feelings than the suffering his own daughter is going through. He sounds like a self centered dick and thank God the daughter has a strong willed mom who has her back.

  4. elaine weiner says:

    I agree with taking her shopping and maybe even a cruise!!! HOWEVER, even though her Dad is an idiot and his girlfriend thinks that she’s “so smart”, she was showing “just how nice and sweet she is” (to the world). I would have a brief, calm discussion with my daughter and tell her that it was a rude reply and you wouldn’t want to see her do that to anyone, no matter how much you hate them, especially since she now knows just what happens when you do that. Better to just write “personal message sent” and do that (or NOT)!! She will grow up some day and I hope it’s not too soon…she knew what she was doing. She just didn’t expect it to all be written out there for the world to see and should have probably expected that. Whp knows, that “girlfriend” might be so “loveable” that she gives him the boot….just remember never to take the jerk back! He couldn’t care how hurt his daughter is and has no brains to be pushed by the girlfriend to get into the middle of an online squabble between two women and at 17, she’s almost that! Good luck!!

  5. Jeanine says:

    Isn’t there an “Un-friend” option on facebook? I would certainly use that (because the girlfriend will see it.). 😄 If you “un-follow” someone, they don’t know that you’ve “un-followed” them. ☹️

  6. BJ says:

    Dear Snarkey,
    APPLAUSE! I am a step-mom. Who married appropriately. I have NEVER BEEN friends with my step-kids on any social media. I feel it is inappropriate. When they were little kids we had custody we limited thier contact on social, but it was a bit different then. You just open huge can of inappropriate and a whole bunch of hurt feelings. This family needs a bunch of counseling.

    If and when my kids want to be friends they will ask me, but they are adult Men, so I won’t hold my breath. 🙂

  7. Reena Hicks says:

    My daughters dad, girlfriend was angry with my 20 yr old daughter for not posting a photo on Facebook of her holding her baby, in his Halloween costume, but she did of her dad with him, reason being she was in her pajamas, and my daughter was trying to be respectful to his girl friend, when she learned, this was upsetting to her my daughter apologized, back to her on her blast on Facebook about it…she refused to accept her apology and since then her dad came and took her sons baby bed his girlfriend had gave them for a baby shower gift , then his girl friend blasted her and me openly on Facebook calling her baby boy a retard ect…yet her father has demanded my daughter apologize….now both my sons no longer have a relationship with their father either due to this woman’s Facebook rants and threats…sad thing is my grandson didnt deserve any of that!

  8. Donnadon says:

    The daughter needs to unfriend and block the girlfriend on Facebook. Blocking will make sure GF can’t ever contact the daughter by any means on Facebook because GF won’t be able to see daughter.

  9. texashomeschooler says:

    Good for the daughter! It’s a hard hard lesson to learn as a child that sometimes the adults in your life are just children themselves! She doesn’t owe anyone an apology! If anything, the dad owes her one and good for her for speaking her mind! The sooner she learns to stand up for herself the better!

  10. Amy says:

    She should definitely apologize! “My Dad wanted me to apologize to X for insinuating she was a home wrecker. I apologize for insinuating and not clearly confirming that she is in fact a home wrecker. Sorry if that was too vague before, I’ll work on getting my point across clearly in the future. Again, my apologies.”

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