Dear Snarky – The Jilted Bride

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My daughter recently had to call off her wedding because the groom (with urging, I’m sure, from his mother) decided right after the rehearsal dinner that “he couldn’t go through with it.” You can only imagine the heartbreak and embarrassment, with a capital E, this has caused my daughter.

I want to submit a bill to the groom’s parents for half of the wedding costs since their son called off the wedding and since the mother of the groom kept on insisting she had to invite more family members and friends ballooning the guest list to well over 250 people.

Do you think this is the right thing to do? I don’t care about the etiquette of it. I’m way past caring about that. I just want to know if you would do this?

Signed, Mother of the Almost Bride

 Dear M.O.B.

 I say go for it! You will probably not get one penny from the groom or his parents, but if it makes you feel better, is an outlet for your anger, and helps you heal than let them have it. Kick some butt and send them a detailed itemized bill. Or knock yourself out and do an Excel spreadsheet and really stick it to them. 

 Just get it all out of your system, then hug your daughter, and count your blessings. It hurts right now, but the emotional cost is far less than what it would have been if your daughter had married a man who wasn’t worthy enough to be her husband. 

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