Dear Snarky – My Daughter is Being Excluded Because I Don’t Believe in the Elf on the Shelf

b9787fff692e72467ad4fb95e3a7078bDear Snarky,

 I’m hurt, upset and really angry. My 6-year-old daughter wasn’t invited to her best friend’s Christmas party because get this – I don’t believe in the Elf on the Shelf. That’s right, because I, as a mother, have chosen to not doing the Elf thing, my child gets to be excluded from a party because there are going to be elf crafts etc.

 Any suggestions how to control my anger would be appreciated.

 Signed, Elf Hater

Dear Elf Hater,

Someone help me out here. Has the Elf on the Shelf drop kicked Santa Claus to the curb? Because spoiler alert here Santa’s the one who brings you all those presents. That said, the good news is your 6-year-old will get over it. In fact, I’m sure she’s already over it.

As for your fury go ahead and wallow it, stomp your feet, have a glass or bottle of wine and get it out of your system. You have every right to be momentarily ticked off about the IQ level of a mother who would exclude her daughter’s best friend based on whether or not her family embraced the nightly theatrical production that is the Elf on the Shelf.

I know some moms are going to argue with me that the Elf Mom had every right to not invite the little girl who comes from a family of non elfers. Their main point will be that you wouldn’t invite a child to a Santa Claus party if the kid didn’t believe in Santa.

Yeah, let me just tell you that argument is beyond lame (and just for the record I would invite any and all kids to a Santa party). The Elf on the Shelf isn’t based on a centuries old tradition of giving. It’s from a 2005 children’s book. So, I think advantage me on this one. And more importantly, in the spirit of this amazing time of year why would an alleged grown woman go out of her way to exclude a child?

Take a tip from this seasoned mother – you can’t go wrong being nice especially not at Christmas. Now, let’s all bring it in for a group hug.

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10 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – My Daughter is Being Excluded Because I Don’t Believe in the Elf on the Shelf

  1. Pearl ;) says:

    How pathetic and childish to exclude a child because of lack of participation in what has become kind of a great big joke. If that mom bases her decisions on a 10 yr old elf, she doesn’t deserve your friendship. She clearly has larger issues with reality. I say, have your own party….Elf-free.

  2. kimmaccarron says:

    I cracked up at this post. I’m an involved mom of five, and I draw the line at the Elf on the Shelf. Like I don’t have enough crap to keep up with. Crazy hair days. Spirit Days. Holiday parties. Dealing with the elf every night? Ummmm….NO! I have a couple friends who have the Elf and share their adorable stories about where the thing ends up. Like I said, too busy to tackle even one more thing.
    My kids asked why we never got the Elf from Santa, and I told them our house is probably too messy. There. Blame it on them. Get cleaning, and maybe Santa will bring you an Elf. But, methinks it won’t happen. 🙂

  3. Anna Porter Kaijser Bots says:

    Seriously?!! I am shaking my head. Somebody smack that elf party mom. I am also a mom of 5, and Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa) visits our house on December 5, and get this, he visits NONE of our friends kids. Then American Santa visits our kids (yes again… we go light on the gifts) on December 25 and NOT to our dutch cousins, even though he travels all “all over the world”. Try explaining that. Our kids don’t care what other kids think. Our Elf shows up only to keep the humor in the choas. He should bring me a bottle of wine.

  4. Amy Deckman says:

    Every Christmas season, I thank the good Lord above that my youngest child was born in 2002 and I’m therefore JUST ahead of the curve on the Elf on a Shelf ridiculousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reminding me of just one more blessing in my life, Snarky!

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