Dear Snarky – The Trick-or-Treat Throwdown

dear_snarky_logoDear Snarky,

My daughter just got bounced from a Halloween trick-or-treating group! 14 kids and six mothers were all going to go together to trick-or-treat. This has been planned since the first of October. All the girls are going as Disney princesses. My daughter is going to be Anna from the movie Frozen. Yesterday, I got a text message from a mom (who organized the trick-or-treating outing) telling me her daughter now wants to go as Anna and since it would be “weird” to have two of the same Disney princesses trick-or-treating together it would be “best if I found another group to go with.”

I’m so angry and upset for my daughter I wish I could do a throw down. How do I even begin to explain this to a six-year-old?

Signed, Can’t Let it Go,

Dear Can’t,

Don’t be angry and don’t, no matter how much you want to, engage in a throw down. Instead be happy, relieved and joyous. You, and your daughter, have been freed from spending Halloween with a bunch of evil, controlling witches. The fact that an adult would be such a freak about Halloween and what costumes kids are wearing, scares me, like a lot. And seriously, pretty much every little girl is going to be trick-or-treating as either Anna or Elsa from Frozen. The mom who sent you that text must have been off her meds.

The way I see it you can do one of two things – pick up the phone and find your daughter another kid or kids to trick-or-treat with or go just as a family and savor the experience. Also, on the plus side, I have found you can cover a lot more trick-or-treating ground when you are with a smaller group.

I would tell your daughter an abbreviated version of the truth, as in her Halloween has just been upgraded, and celebrate the news with a full size Kit Kat bar. As for that texting witch, I would get 48 rolls of toilet paper from Costco and decorate her house with it.

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9 thoughts on “Dear Snarky – The Trick-or-Treat Throwdown

  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Excellent advice…..tell her you found out someone copied her idea to be Anna and you’re not going to put up with someone trying to upstage her. Take the diva attitude! 🙂

  2. Normal Mom says:

    So, so many thoughts go through my head at reading this story. Did the evil mom talk to all the other moms? I’d have to guess that some or all of the other moms wouldn’t care a bit. The evil mom might be outing her villainous behavior to all by doing this, which is a nice side benefit for the nice mom that wrote in. By taking the high road and simply finding another group to go with, she will be known as someone who is kind and rational, unlike the evil villain mom. Hope she’s dressing up as Maleficent this year. Also wondering if the kiddo in question is a brat: “I don’t wanna trick or treat with her, she’s gonna wear the same costume!” Which is also a problem as a mom should be able to tell their kid that it won’t matter and that each girl will wear it differently.

  3. Stunned says:

    I almost wish that had happened to my son – when he was 8 or 9 the group he was trick or treating with all decided on a group costume without him. When he showed up they were all dressed alike and his face just fell. Think it ended up being a crueler experience.

  4. I'll Help TP! says:

    I totally believe this letter because a similar thing happened to me and my daughter. All the moms got way too much into their kid’s costumes and one mom told me my daughter’s Minnie Mouse costume “really didn’t fit in with the theme” and pretty much suggested I find someone else to trick or treat with. “Gladly” was my response. I still dislike that mom to this day!

  5. Mo says:

    I’d show up as the snowman and ‘melt’ all over the offender’s costume. Something like egg white could pass for melted snow, right?

  6. Meghan Tells It says:

    Excellent advice! And I must say, whenever my son and I go places on our own, it’s generally a better experience. We can go at our pace and not worry about the rest of the group. The only place I like a group at is the playground. Even there, I like to arrive with my own transportation and a ready excuse to leave early.

  7. Carly says:

    Both our daughters are going to be Elsa. Better text one of them and tell them their out of our trick or feature g group. It might be weird.

    That lady is crazy.

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