Spanx Is Slowly Killing Us

spanx_funny.png?w=420&h=294People, I’ve been preaching for a while that shape wear is a killer. I’ll give you that it’s not in the top 10 of killers but I think it at least makes the top 50. Do not doubt me on this because finally my empirical research has gotten some much-needed back up in the form of this article from the Huff Post.

If you were too lazy to click on the link, are suffering from painful finger callous buildup from numerous attempts to pull on and peel off  your shape wear or bed ridden from damage due to excessive spanxing let me sum it up for you. Wearing shape wear will compress your internal organs, making you constipated, gassy, and heartburny to such an extent that an acid reflux waterfall to rival Niagara is created that dissolves your esophagus into a mushy throat puddle.

But wait there’s more – all that jamming, stuffing and squashing down causes extreme lycra urination syndrome or as those of you in the non scientific community call it, “Oops I’ve peed my pants.” And much worse in my book of public humiliations and shame, the tamping can truncate your bowels leading to a master class in self-crapping. Sure, you could wear an adult diaper to help you out but I’m thinking the extra bulk from the diaper would kind of cancel out the whole reason you’re Spanxing in the first place.

The deathblow comes when you bust a blood clot from all the excessive squeezing. This is why I swore off of Spanxing or really any shape wear even the Target brand (with coupon) three months ago. Because there’s a killer the article missed – Death by Spanx due to driving while trying to free yourself from the lycra coffin that you’ve encased your body in.

It was right after Halloween, so you know after liberally feasting on what probably amounted to thousands of snack and fun size candy bars I was in desperate need of some major league fat suppression thus my decision to initiate a full Spanx force field. I didn’t go nuclear which is Quadra Spanxing but I most definitely doubled Spanxed. Well more like two and half times, no make that tripled Spanxed if you count the patented tummy control tight end tights I was wearing.

I had shoved myself into a dress with it’s back zipper straining like a baby trying to get out of its mother’s body when she was only nine centimeters dilated and had awkwardly gotten into my car to drive to an event while trying to breathe only when absolutely necessary to maintain life support. As I’m driving I’m in a horrible mood because it feels like the Spanx is strangling me. I thought if I die right now my obit will read death by Spanx asphyxiation and then I thought the Spanx company really needs a freaking warning label on their products and that just maybe someone, perhaps me, should file a class action lawsuit. Then all that thinking about my imminent Spanx related death freaked me out which sent me into a sharp shame spiral descent about dying due to vanity.

The next thing you know I’m having a full-blown panic attack. I have to get the Spanx off like right now. I can’t wait another second. So, still driving at 65 miles per hour down the interstate I start ripping off my undergarments. I’m telling you it was one thing getting the tights off, not easy, but doable, especially if you let them rest at your ankles but getting off a Spanx Power Brief with one hand on the steering wheel and the other crotch adjacent trying to rip off that lycra infused, Satan sanctioned, nylon is a whole other story.

I heaved. I tugged. I cried. I prayed. I ripped. I swore. My fingers hurt from trying to pry the Spanx off and still the farthest I could get that damn thing was mid lady business territory. Finally, I pulled over. Which wasn’t easy because the tights resting at my ankles had become hitched on the brake pedal. So I had to use my other foot to toe the fabric off the brake so I could come to complete stop.

As soon as my car was in park I hitched up my dress to my chest so I wouldn’t have any obstacles in the way and just yanked with all the might the Good Lord had bestowed upon me and got that sucker down to my ankles. Then I laid down across both seats with the gear shifty thing stabbing me in the back and finally peeled off both my tights and the power brief.

I took some cleansing breathes, pulled down my dress, started up my car and got back on the highway. When I got up to 70 miles per hour I rolled down my window, checked my rearview mirror to make sure I had no cars behind me and gleefully tossed the power brief to the wind while screaming, “So long sucker!” This girl was done with living a lie. Beginning right at that moment I embraced a fib no more, free range, flab philosophy. I’m letting it all hang out and all I can ask is that more of you brave souls join me!

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23 thoughts on “Spanx Is Slowly Killing Us

  1. Cross Fit & Loving It! says:

    Maybe you need to lose some weight and lay off the candy and then you wouldn’t need Spanx or have to subject the rest of us to your “free range flab.” Just saying . . .

  2. Cross Fit is gay says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t troll forums like a coward and mind your own business. You don’t do cross-fit, moron. Just saying….

  3. Betty Rodgers says:

    Ignore the meanies, they ALL need to lighten up! Your spanx article was a hoot and I think you have a delicious sense of humor…thx for brightening my day!

  4. newburyportbites says:

    Holy crop, I can so relate. I’ve left expensive pairs of spanx all across the land (and sea). Bathrooms at weddings? Check. Boats? Check. Restaurant restrooms? Check and check. What is it, about the little buggers, that make you feel so comfy in the AM and bloody miserable by noon??!!! I’ll take my slight muffin top over those evil things, any day… More until I need to squeeze into that dress that’s way too small. Sigh….

  5. Betsy Rambo says:

    Absolutely hysterical! And BTW, even the fittest of celebs use shape wear, and most work out viciously! It’s just plain FUNNY! Thanks for the Spanx….NOT!!!!

  6. Cat Black says:

    Every time I see those evil things I bless the fact that I am a wilted flower child and live in those lovely dresses that are gathered tiers all the way to my ankles. Delightful to dance in, awesome the way even the slightest breeze swirls them like a cloud of multi-coloured flowers, comfy the way an old soft sleepshirt or very faded pair of jeans can be, and no need to wear so called shapewear underneath. My shape is my very own and if I can live with it why should I worry about what a bunch of strangers think? Let them give up chocolate, ice cream and cheese souffles: I’ll eat their share and they can eat my lamb chops and detoxing teas, the ones that taste and smell like fermented urine.

  7. Minka says:

    I don’t wear shape wear, either. For me, it’s about attracting guys. If my guy wants to get frisky, he’s fantasizing about slips and pantyhose, not a beige bandage, lol. I want to be ready, in case a frisky situation presents itself;)

  8. Kristen says:

    So funny, I just recently bought some shapewear and am already regretting it. I am in reasonable shape but figured a little extra help wouldn’t hurt, now would it? Well, after wearing those pants for a day, I had a couple of alcoholic ciders and later on was throwing up and had diarrhea! I am beginning to wonder if those nasty pants were somehow the culprit. I was blaming gastro but I wonder now….

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