Blackmail & The Holiday Newsletter

Dear Snarky,

I’m so angry! Every year my sister-in-law does one of those braggy holiday newsletters but she carries it to the extreme by being “odear_snarky_logoh isn’t my family so great” and then she gets digs in on other family members by saying stuff like, “Poor Stacy and Jim. You may not know that Jim lost his job. This is the second time in four years he’s been unemployed so everyone think good thoughts!” She also has disclosed personal and private information.  I’m talking medical stuff that you wouldn’t want anyone to know. For example, we had a nephew that went to rehab and lo and behold there it was in her Christmas newsletter. We all have all begged her to not write about us but she refuses to listen.

 Help me Snarky! She has to be stopped.

 Signed, Zero Christmas Spirit

Dear Zero,

I don’t like to do this especially during the holidays with the whole Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men of it all but I’m going to have to bring out what I call the nuclear option. I firmly believe the only way to deal with your sister-in-law is to blackmail her. That’s right, I said blackmail. Here’s what you’re going to do – write your own chatty holiday newsletter and include all the unflattering things about her family that you can think of. Don’t be shy, do some trash talking. Then you’re going to send your sister-in-law a copy of your newsletter and really go all out, put it on some cute holiday paper so she knows you mean business and tell her if she writes one unflattering tidbit about ANYONE this bad boy is going to your 250 nearest and dearest family and friends. I’m 100% sure that will stop her. Merry Christmas!

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8 thoughts on “Blackmail & The Holiday Newsletter

  1. Yvonee Garrett says:

    I hope she takes your advice! Her sister-in-law needs to shut the hell up. It’s one thing to share your business but you cross a line when you blab about private family members!

  2. Amy Ross says:

    Just read your blog, really fun. I am new to blogging and I’m struggling with the question of how much is too much information especially when it comes to family members. Is it ok to reveal for example about your anorexic mom or does that cross a line. Any new to blogging advice?

  3. Jenni R says:

    oone of the eminent local politicians (and I do mean one of the “good guys”!) always said, “If you wouldn’t want it on the front page of the local newspaper, then don’t put it into an email” ( blog post, FB entry, Twitter – ok, those last 3 were not in his original quote, but fitting for today’s social media availability)

  4. Tamara Cate Driesse says:

    To each her own…….of course people compliment you on it. Do you really think they are going to insult you about it ? We all have family members who send out these newsletters, and my thoughts are, “if we are family and supposed to be so close as a family should be, we would know all of this stuff”. Honestly, the only people who like the braggy stuff, are the ones sending it. The rest of us save these letters and sit around with our snarky friends laughing at them.

  5. Scott B. says:

    While I do send a letter myself and very much enjoy the letters I receive back — especially for friends that I don’t catch up with as often as I’d like. . .the case above where someone is sharing personal information about OTHER families crosses a line in a HUGE way.

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